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Jun 22, 2014 02:06 PM

Raleigh Durham dining

Visiting the area next month. Looking to please different tastes with a steak eater, fish eater and a vegetarian . Does such a restaurant exist that is good and offers a nice atmosphere also??

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  1. So you want to please them all at the same time? Would Chapel Hill be within the area you're willing to look? If so I'd recommend Elaine's. Otherwise maybe Nana's in Durham. I love Vin Rouge but as a former vegetarian I can tell you that it isn't the easiest place to eat. They do make a fairly wonderful mac and cheese that they're willing to do without the bacon, but the time I asked for it that way it came with the bacon anyway and needed to be sent back. Mateo is fun and funky - Spanish so there is a lot of pork, but I don't eat pork and have had some truly great meals there. Dos Perros is sort of slightly gussied up Mexican i think would fit the bill (although now that I think about it, not sure about the steak part).

    Someone more familiar with the Raleigh side of things might help there.

    1. I think the Black House at Straw Valley will fit the bill nicely. I was there Friday night, and they had two fish entrees, a couple of red meat options ( a chateaubriand for two if you like), and a vegetarian entrée. You can easily make a meal of the apps and small plates - had an outstanding potato gnocchi with fresh porcinis and a sherry sauce.

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        D'oh! I can't believe I left this place off my list. Great suggestion.

      2. I come down to raleigh 1-2 times a year on business and one place i typically frequent is revolution. They have a 3 5 and 7 course menus that they make on the fly I had general kosher restrictions that didn't allow milk and meat in the same course and they were very accomodating. They gave me a filet sliced in house that was absolutely the most tender piece of steak 2x beter than craftsteak. I am sure they can do vegitarian but pescetarian would be interesting on what they do but i would say they would accomodate. The atmosphere is great upscale and just fabulous. I would however rely on those currently living in RTP to comment if it has gone down hill but it was just great place to eat.

        Also, as a side note Elaine's which is mentioned above is also on my repeat list and a great choice as well.

        1. Lantern in Chapel Hill -- they usually have an amazing steak, always have a whole fish on the menu, and always have at least one vegetarian entree.

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            I recommend Acme in Carrboro, the food is delicious. As a vegetarian, when faced with 1 entree (ugh) I usally put together a bunch of appetizers, so there is more play and that would work for your diverse group.

          2. How about Tonali in Durham -- meat, fish, veggies all are superb. And a very visual room. Very generous Margaritas as well.