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Canton Area lunch options (where I-95 and I-93 meet)

Wanted to get an update on this area - does anyone have recommendations for weekday lunches in this area? I am familiar with Dedham Legacy Place options, are there any other choices? Would love to know 'hound feedback - thanks!

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  1. If you want something quick, Lambert's Market on RT1 in Westwood has a huge salad bar, prepared comfort foods, and a sandwich deli. I detour out of my way just to pick up a load of their chicken salad.

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      Next time, stop by Dessert Works for a red velvet cake lollipop. Their Chocolate Fantasia cake is worth everypenny and is our go to celebratory dessert, we serve with a bowl of fresh berries.

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        Thanks so much Dinsdale and Bellachefa for the Westwood recs. Saw Lambert's when I picked up a cake recently at Dessert Works (delicious!)

    2. Thai Thani in Norwood is a small place that brings the heat when you ask.

      Tutto Italiano is a long time favorite in HydePark. Not too far off the highway, but worth the drive. We like the Italian with imported provolone no lettuce, and the Panino

      The greek place at Norwood Airport might be nice to mix things up.

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        Tutto makes their own mozzarella. My favs there are the mozzarella, tomato and basil , the Italian or the tuna sub. Their tuna is really good! If you're going to go towards Hyde Park, the Fairmount Grill at the edge of Cleary Sq in Hyde Park makes a good bison chili.

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          my husband also loves the tuna! ever seen the can they use?

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            No, but I've asked Hannah, the owner's daughter about it. She says everyone loves it but it's just regular tuna. I'm going to pry a bit more.

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              I'll meet you at the dumpster at midnight!

      2. Several places come to mind. None is fine dining but I have enjoyed meeting friends for a bite to eat and a chat.

        Centre Deli is about a quarter of a mile from Legacy Place. They make a good sandwich and have a full bar. The comfortable dining area has more of a restaurant feel to it than a deli. http://www.thedeliafterdark.com

        The Spring Street Café is a few miles from Legacy Place. 320 Spring Street, intersection of Providence Highway, Spring Street, and VFW Parkway. It, too, is comfortable and casual with a decent eclectic menu and a full bar. I think it closes between lunch and dinner. Same owners as the Baker Baker bakery.

        There is also the Chateau on Route 1 in Norwood. It is a large restaurant, part of a small family chain. It is not a foodie destination but it would suit your need for a lunch place to meet and chat.

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          I like the Chateau and think their lasagna is pretty good. On the down side, cleaning tables seems to be a dying art here. People leave after dinner and their table remains messy for too long.

        2. Not exactly your requested location but some are,


          1. Siam Lotus always does a great job.

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              I must say that I haven't eaten at Siam Lotus in a few years. I found it too 'americanized' and prefer Tnai Thani in Norwood. What dishes do you like at Siam Lotus? I'd give it another chance. Do they punch up the spice if asked? Is it Thai run?

            2. I would stick to what I know and head to Legacy. The other option is heading over to Norwood Center. Walk around a bit and check out what is there. Parking is easy, and there is plenty to pick from.
              Canton Center is tough to park and busy with traffic. Same goes for Cobb's Corner but Chinatown on the stoughton part of Cobb's Corner is very good. Ask for Simon for a waiter.

              1. I'll add some holes in the wall...

                Good shawarma at both Saab's on Rte 1 in Norwood and To Beirut in Norwood center. Try the meat stuffed grape leaves at To Beirut as well.

                The Spot in Norwood center makes great bagels and then serves ok sandwiches on them. Extensive candy and soda options there too, which makes it kind of cool.

                Chubby Chickpea (same as foodtruck) is now in a warehouse space near Canton Junction train station. If you don't mind the grime, the food is very good.

                Cafe Paprika in Norwood center for moroccan sandwiches, plates, and soups. The owner is super nice, and the food is so different.

                Lastly, it's been a couple of years since I've been (or posted about it), but you've got to check out Louis' in Norwood Center. Total dive bar, but the Louis burger is an experience not to be missed and there are plenty of folks in there for lunch.