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Jun 22, 2014 09:20 AM

Best summertime rooftop bars in Manhattan?

Curious what the best rooftop bars are in Manhattan. I'm visiting in July and staying in Midtown East.

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    1. See also:

      I like Gallow Green but it is definitely NOT dry when it rains despite the above head coverings.

      Avoid 230 5th unless only drinking beer/wine. Even the tap water tasted off to me.

        1. Another list here - note it includes a few in brooklyn. La Birreria is crazy busy on the weekends. The rooftop of the Met is gorgeous with terrible overpriced drinks- stick to a beer or soda there, it closes before the museum does.

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            And bring sunblock and be prepared to stand if going to the rooftop of the Met. There's very little seating or shade.

          2. If you are in midtown, my personal favorite are:

            Bar 54 is convenient and one of the best view

            The Roof at Viceroy

            and Salon de Ning.

            Roof at Park South are one month new. Not as good city view but more laid back and younger groups.

            If you want to see the bridges on the east river, go downtown. I like the rooftop at the Mondrian Soho (but heard they moved it to Tribeca very recently). Or Jimmy at the James Hotel.

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            1. re: nomadmanhattan

              Thanks. What about the rooftop bar at Upstairs at the Kimberley Hotel? It looks like it has a gorgeous view.

              1. re: taz99

                It is not bad. But for view, it is not as good as Bar 54, which is high above 54 fl overlooking Time Square. Drink/decor wise, not as good as Viceroy. Why not go check out all of them, as they are all within 15 mins walk from each other.
                It is also smaller than the other two, in terms of space. So if you go during the peak time, aka happy hour, your experience might be less enjoyable.

                1. re: nomadmanhattan

                  thanks so much! Love the idea of visiting all three!