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Jun 22, 2014 07:47 AM

Outdoor dining

In good weather - and we have had some lately - it's a pleasure to dine outside. Best is when it's in an enclosed space, like a patio or garden.

We love dining outdoors in the patio at LeVirtu. It is quiet and calm, and it's a delightful experience.

A fun place for outdoor dining is InRiva, just off Kelly Drive. Their small plates are tasty and interesting, and the pizza is decent. Very informal.

We haven't eaten outdoors at LeCheri yet, but we hear it's another delightfull spot.

We very much enjoyed sitting in the wide sidewalk outside Bar Ferdinand, a lovely place to enjoy the wonderful tapas.

And Little Pete's, in the Philadelphian, which is similar to an upscale diner, has very good food and a comfortable outdoor area.

We prefer these spaces to sitting on a narrow sidewalk, although that can be okay.

Any other recommendations?

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  1. Southwark's patio is very nice, shady and with some greenery.

    1. Not a huge space but I like Talula's garden's outdoor space

      1. If you haven't been, M restaurant at Morris House has a wonderful outside patio. Food is good, ambience fantastic.

        1. We were at Le Chéri Friday night and sat outside. It's a charming space, set below in a little courtyard, so it feels quiet and intimate. The weather was perfect, as was the food!

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            Quite right, a lovely little courtyard.

          2. Not in Philadelphia (and the food won't knock your socks off) but we had a lovely evening with friends last night on the patio at The Inn at Phillips Mill. Very nice setting and the service was charming. The food is quite good, just more 1970's French food than, say, Le Cheri. This was our first time dining outdoors there, and we really enjoyed it. A cute cat from nextdoor kept peeking his head in but was reluctant to enter.

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              Cats always make outdoor dining better. There is Kenny at the Skippack Italian deli to keep you company while you sit outside and eat a deli sandwich and killer potato salad.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                And Lulu, the neighbor's cat, who always visits us on the porch at Birchrunville.