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Jun 21, 2014 07:44 PM

Casual Eats in Montreal

So we've hit up the usual suspects, APDC, Joe Beef and Schwartz's. We've also eaten bagels at St. Viateur and Fairmount and supplemented it with some great ice cream at Kem Coba. Olive and Gourmando for a fun atmosphere and tasty pastries. We've loved all of it but are in need of some more casual options for Sunday and Monday and Tuesday lunch.

Maybe some dim sum (not sure where)? Brunch at Lawrence? Dinner options?

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  1. I've probably eaten at Soy (across the street from Lawrence) 50 times in my life and I still can't find something wrong with the place. They are open for lunch on weekdays. Nothing fancy, but you get a reasonably priced Asian meal. We usually skip the dessert and go get an cone at KemCoba.

    1. Super casual, but I would recommend burgers at Burger de Ville (on St Laurent, just up from Lawrence but on the other side). A burger each, and maybe share the de Ville salad, or some fries, and you have a delicious dinner for two for less than $20.

      1. I really like the falafel sandwich and salad combo at green panther for a quick lunch.

        Downtown Location
        2153 Mackay Street, Montréal - 514 903 4744

        Mile End Location
        66 St-Viateur Street, Montréal - 514 508 5564

        Plateau Location
        145 Mont-Royal Avenue East, Montréal - 514 503 4800


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          Agree. I recommend the falafusion sandwich (the second one on the menu). Its the best falafel in town. If you go to the downtown location you are a block away from myriade which is worth checking out for its coffee.

        2. Amelio’s, 201 Milton - Montreal style pizza
          Binerie Mont Royal, 367 Mont Royal O - The origins of APDC
          Briskets, 1093 Beaver Hall - Extremely Good Alternative Smoked Meat
          Dinette Triple Crown, 6704 Clark - North Carolina style BBQ
          FCO di Fiumicino, 451 Viger - Roman Style Pizza
          Minhota, 3959 St Laurent - Portuguese family restaurant
          Chez Nouri, 10 des Pins O - Iranian Lunch counter
          Nouveau Palais, 281 Bernard O - Not quite casse croute
          Petit Alep, 191 Jean Talon E - Serious Syrian
          Pataterie Chez Philippe, 1877 Amherst - real casse croute
          La Soupiere, 5th Floor The Bay - Straight out of the 60s
          Titanic, 445 St Pierre - A superior cafeteria in Old Montreal
          Tous les jours, 1689 Mont Royal E - Quebecois family restaurant
          Wilensky's Light Lunch, 34 Fairmount O - Almost as iconic as the Oratory or the Olympic Tower

          1. Thanks so much for the responses? Are some of these near Notre Dame (we're staying within a block of the cathedral)?

            Also, are there any places close to Mont Royal? I'd normally look these places up but I'm on a smartphone...

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            1. re: miltronix

              If you are in old Montreal I'd recommend :

              Brit and Chips for fish and chips
              Gros jambon for brunch and lunch
              Cartet for breakfast
              Holder for breakfast (try Carter first)
              I like Stash Cafe for polish food

              Binerie Mont-Royal is near Mont-Royal and Saint-Denis. That intersection is the heart of the plateau so you have a few good choices for casual:

              Aux Vivre for Vegan and Vegetarian
              Lola Rosa on park for vegetarian
              Santropol for hipster sandwiches
              Schwartz and Main's deli for smoked meat
              Ramanos, Portugalia and Jano for grilled chicken
              La banquise for poutine
              Le chien fumant for breakfast
              Lawrence for breakfast
              Beauty's for breakfast
              Ta pies for australian pies
              Kouaig Amann for pastries