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Jun 21, 2014 04:01 PM

$$ or $$$ NYC restaurant for a celebration

I'm celebrating a big birthday this summer and looking for a nice, fun but not crazy expensive restaurant (I'm treating a few friends) in Manhattan, preferably downtown (but anywhere is OK). I'm not necessarily looking for an exciting or different menu…just good food in a nice atmosphere that will feel celebratory. I am intrigued by The Riverpark (which may be bordering on too pricey actually) and The Clam.

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  1. Why such a vague question? Can you state the dollar amount of your budget for food only, per person, before tax, tip and drinks?

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    1. re: rrems

      @$50pp before tax tip and drinks. I thought I was being specific with the $$ and $$$ in the subject line but I guess that wasn't obvious.

      1. re: lisaud

        The Gander might work. Also Andanada if you like Spanish food.

    2. Maybe Piora. It is really a beautiful and intimate place with delicious food and great service.

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      1. re: SeekingBeauty

        Thank you for the suggestion. It does look lovely and I'm going to keep it in mind but it won't work for this purpose - its closed on sunday and that's the night I need!

        1. re: lisaud

          There are a number of restaurants with sunday night specials- maialino has a pasta tasting for $55 and dovetail is under $50.

      2. Riverpark feels far more celebratory; The Clam not at all. Very neighborhood feel to the latter.

        Garden of Montmarte is an idea.