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Jun 21, 2014 02:25 PM

Best China (Canton MI)

Any leads on best dishes @Best China in Canton? The (Chinese) menu looks great.

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  1. Someone on Arborfood posted this. Been meaning to get over and try some of these:

    <<Last weekend a Chinese-American friend ordered takeout for us (5 +
    > leftovers). He pronounced the food authentic, and was particularly
    > happy to taste his first Ma-pao Tofu* on this continent. He pronounced
    > the Shanghai Style Stir-fried Noodles* the best he'd had in this area.
    > I think it was comfort food for him--something he'd order for lunch in
    > Hong Kong. Shanghai cuisine is noted for its dumplings, if I remember
    > correctly. His order:
    > Shanghai Style Stir-fried Noodles *
    > Shanghai Style Pan-fried Dumplings
    > Shanghai Style Steam Dumplings
    > Shanghai Style Wantons (in broth?)
    > M7 Ma-pao Tofu *
    > M23 Spicy Chicken (cubed chicken?)
    > M 19 Kung Pao Beef (peanuts?)
    > Rice (I think it comes with, but we asked for two to be sure.)

    1. Went Saturday evening. Small place--of the 8 tables, 7 occupied by immigrant Chinese. Alot of real-deal Chinese food on their menu.Service was rushed & my party didn't have enough time to order thoughtfully from the intriguing menu.
      Many tables had ordered the roast duck, so we did too. Good. Will definitely be back though.