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Jun 21, 2014 01:05 PM

Pacific Catch and Paul Martin- new in Mountain View- any feedback?

I was looking at reviews for the newly opened Pacific Catch at San Antonio (in direct competition with Paul Martin on the corner) and not being familiar with the chain, I was curious as to the food quality. I see they have pokes and seafood salads- sounds good... I tried Paul Martin one dinner- Mondays they have a special for two, $50 incl selected app, entree and a bottle of wine... which was decently good.

Recs for Pacific Catch? I thought I saw on Yelp they have a Tuesday special but i dont see any mention on the website...


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  1. No first-hand experience here yet, but local residents are reporting on these places in email I'm on, and some journalistic reportage has appeared already in the local Embarcadero newspapers (Mountain View Voice, Palo Alto Weekly -- which do their reviews and restaurant news jointly), example links below. These two restaurants are part of the new San Antonio center, being rebuilt by a new developer. First link below summarizes restaurants opened and planning to open soon. There could even be considerably more new restaurants to follow, beyond those in the first link (which are already open or nearly so) -- depending partly on outcome of current planning discussions betw. city gov't and the developer about a large "Phase 2" of the complex, to extend to California Street.

    A recent report by a neighbor particularly praised a long dinner at Pacific Catch, including indoor/outdoor seating, desserts, and the (French-press) coffee afterwards.

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      Thanks for that. I was looking around on Yelp (for what its worth) and the consensus was that PC is superior. I will try it this week and report back...

    2. Pacific Catch is solid for the area. Good quality seafood prepared in conventional ways (lots of ahi tuna). Mid-priced. It feels a bit chain like but is certainly much better than Scott's seafood.

      1. I like Pacific Catch a lot - the one in Mountain View is pretty much the same as the one in San Mateo (and I would imagine others as well). The portions are fairly generous - it's a very solid, reliable place for a casual meal.

        1. I haven't been to these places in Mountain View, but have been to both in San Mateo recently. Since they're both chains, I hope you don't mind if I make some correlations.

          We liked Pacific Catch a lot. We had a group of 10 on a Saturday night (made the reservation the day before) and the service was very courteous and friendly. The food (especially the poke and the Korean bowl), as well as their special drinks, were very good. I would definitely go back.

          Paul Martin's was a different story. We went on a Tuesday night because they have a fried chicken special. The service was slow, the drinks were so-so (the martini wasn't even good - watery and blah), and the food was "okay". To their credit, when I asked for all-dark meat for the chicken, they did accommodate me. I might go back for wine and appetizers, but not for a full meal with cocktails.

          Perhaps these restaurants in Mountain View will be different. And honestly, it would be good to hear that a different location of a chain offers up a better experience.

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            I really want to like Paul Martin's. Everything sounds so "right" about this place. The way the waitstaff describes the menu, from sourcing ingredients, to the from-scratch methods of preparing the dishes, to the variety of options. I have had lunch and dinner at the Mountain View location and dinner at the San Mateo location and I'm sorry to say that the experiences have been nearly identical: great servers, great descriptions of food, incredibly mediocre, smallish portions of the dishes ordered, and we feel too expensive for what we're getting. A perfect example is the fish taco plate. The two tacos were measly, the portion, as I said, was small, the sides were unremarkable (I don't even remember what they were - perhaps cole slaw?), and the cost was in the mid-to high teen's. I will not be going back.

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              I have to agree. I was just in MV for lunch - very pleasant staff, good beer selection, attractive space, food was mediocre

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                I guess I'm confused, Paul Martin's strikes me as next-gen Olive Garden --- shouldn't it be discussed on chains?

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                  I ended up back at Paul Martins (despite wanting to try PC) since my friend had her heart set on the Monday special of dinner for 2 for $50. It was a decent experience, salad was nice, fish was nice, but the best part of the deal was the surprisingly delicious new Merlot - Jade something. must find out- I could drink gallons. yum. that alone made it worthwhile and a great deal

              2. I tried Pacific Catch in San Mateo back in February (a week after a trip to Hawaii since I was craving more poke bowl-style food), and I nearly cried because of how poorly it compared. The fish was not fresh, the portions 1/2 the size and 2x the price of what you get in Hawaii. Won't be going back. Not worth it.