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Jun 21, 2014 10:51 AM

Looking for a foodie gift in Emerald Isle

Family heading to Emerald Isle and we'd like to send them a foodie gift to thank them for joining us for a very special occasion right before they were leaving. Is there a wonderful cheese shop that would do a tray or basket? A great bakery that we could get a breakfast basket from? A restaurant that is a must do? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. The best food we found in Emerald Isle was Big Oak drive-in in Salter Path. So no, there really isn't much in Emerald Isle. Your best bet is probably to go into Beaufort. A number of restaurants there are good. I would suggest searching the board for Beaufort and see if any of those recs meet your needs.

    1. I had a great meal about two years ago at Circa 81 in Morehead City, which isn't far. I think any foodie would be pleased.

      Only treats on Emerald Isle maybe to have a local spot boil some crabs for them. There are at least two spots that will boil as many as you like and add old bay seasoning. If I remember the names I will add later

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      1. Ginny Gordon's is a wonderful shop in Morehead City. Their main focus is cookware but they have a nice variety of gourmet goodies including regional specialties. Call them and see what's possible. Their staff has always been knowledgeable and helpful when I've visited.