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Jun 21, 2014 09:23 AM

Hillstone or Anthem? Or somewhere else...

Have a friend in town staying at the Millennium Boston and would like to stay near her hotel. Her husband does not like anything too over the top. He is a basic American food/steak kind of guy. So far I have come with Hillstone and Anthem. Any opinions of the two or other suggestions?

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  1. so you two have to have a mediocre meal because he likes plain food? you can get a grilled steak pretty much anyplace and that hotel is walking distance to much finer places to eat.

    hillstone is part of a giant chain serving very meh mall food. haven't been to anthem since it moved to its current location but the food was never all that.

    you can easily walk to jm curley's, silvertone, marliave, kingston station, scampo or the north end.

    1. I've never been to Hillstone, and have only been to Anthem once for brunch but found it rather meh. I'd take any of hoytoy's recommendations. You can get solid "safe" foods for her husband at most of those places and will most likely have more fun.

      1. I agree, however he's uptight about atmosphere as well. I never quite understood that. Anyway, they canceled dinner so we do not have to have a meh meal! Thanks for the suggestions!

        1. Just to pipe in while the OP no longer needs it, I actually think Hillstone can be a great option for certain situations. Some of their salads (steak and noodle, kale!) are delicious.

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            Is Hillstone the same menu as Houstons, but just the name changed? If so, the ribs are great, as is the french dip and veggie burger. My issues with Houston's were that there was no way to eat light there (even the salads were heavy), and it was overpriced. However, you could do much worse in the Faneuil Hall area.

            1. re: black_lab

              The two are the same. I believe they have different names to skirt some kind of chain regulations.

              That said, I do think Hillstone/Houston's has the best veggie burger around.