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Jun 21, 2014 05:01 AM

Dinner spot after day touring statue liberty and 9/11 memorial

On a Monday, we'll be visiting the statue of liberty and 9/11 memorial. what's a good place for dinner in the area surrounding the memorial? It's for two people, we'll be dressed casually from our day of sightseeing. We like all types of food and we won't want to have to wait more than 20 minutes for a table, reservations preferred.

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  1. Blaue Gans is near, casual, and accepting of reservations. it's Austrian/German, but not limited to what you might find in a typical place.

    Blue Smoke, an American BBQ restaurant from Danny Meyer, is also nearby.

    1. After visiting the 9/11 Memorial, cross the West Side Highway for the best, closest options.

      Shake Shack - counter service, seat yourself inside or outside, can get crowded
      Blue Smoke - takes reservations, outdoor seating
      North End Grill - a bit on the nicer side, good cocktails
      Hudson Eats food hall - lots of varied choices, seat yourself, lots of tables outside on the water as well of you if go down the escalator after getting food

      1. Closest to 911 might be Les Halles on John St, where you could make a reservation. It's a French place started by Anthony Bourdain (I don't think he's involved anymore, but the food is still good, and casual is fine)

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          Bourdain did NOT start Les Halles. He was a chef there once, some time after it opened. It was never "his" restaurant.

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            Second Les Halles. They take reservations. A recent thread:


            As kathryn posted previously, you can walk across the West Side Highway overpass to Battery Park City. If you are not walkers or are too tired after a day of sightseeing, Les Halles.

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              thanks for the suggestions. after booking our tickets for the memorial and the statue of liberty, I had to flip things around. We'll be visiting the memorial in the morning, and then the statue of liberty in the afternoon, so we'll be in battery park at dinner time. I know it's very close to the memorial, but wanted to mention it in case there was somewhere else you felt we should go in that immediate area.

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                Was there yesterday, Hudson Eats is basically across the street from the 9/11 memorial--you can cross at ground level at Vesey now. Don't need to climb an overpass.

                Hudson Eats would be good for lunch. Then stroll down to the Castle Clinton area for the ferry, and afterwards maybe pop into Dead Rabbit for a drink.