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Jun 21, 2014 03:27 AM

Best Strawberry Recipes

'Tis the season! They are stunningly beautiful this year. Huge, succulent, sweet, and extraordinarily bountiful. I must do as much as possible with them this weekend, but it's just me and hubby so most proceeds will be doled out to friends and family. Of course there will be jam ~ strawberry/balsamic and strawberry/mulberry. What else that will hold up well for gifts and later summer parties?

This recipe sounds divine. How well do you think it would freeze? And suggestions on how to ship cross-country...

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  1. A pound cake or muffin variation should do well in the freezer. If you have access to dry ice the whole berry can be frozen, with minimal cell damage, and then later thawed and be used to make strawberry short cake or a strawberry pie.

    1. I have made this strawberry bread many times and it's delicious. I usually leave out the nuts...just a preference. It freezes really well.

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        This looks delicious. Am trying this weekend!

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          That looks great, but THREE teaspoons of cinnamon? That's a lot!

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            Actually, as posted there it makes 2 loaves. You can adjust it on the website for 1 loaf, then it only uses 1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon.

            It's a pretty forgiving recipe. I usually cut back on the sugar and throw in whatever I have around...old(ish) bananas, or diced up apples.

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              I saw that it's two loaves - that's still a lot of cinnamon!

              I usually reduce sugar, too, and I bet the apples are especially good.

              Toasted coconut, maybe....

        2. That strawberry bread does sounds good!
          But unless you ship it with dry ice in special packaging overnight there is almost no way it could be sent cross country- even priority mail the dairy, moisture, and warm temperatures will grow bacteria quickly if not mold....

          Dehydrated strawberries are amazing- they get kind of chewy with a very concentrated flavor. If you don't have a dehydrator you can use the oven on 175, it just takes several hours. Slice the berries and keep in a single layer, flip halfway through. You can keep in the fridge in an airtight container or freezer. Use in oatmeal, granola, cookies, pancakes, salads, as a snack.......

          I know my friends would love a strawberry mint flavored vodka......
          A strawberry pancake syrup, spicy chutney, puree to use for ice cream or sorbet at a later date, flavored vinegar, strawberry pb cookies....

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            I've tried dehydrating before with poor results. Maybe I sliced too thin? But they all just melded into the grated trays. It was a mess. Any suggestions?

            Also, your other ideas sound awesome. Recipes for the chutney and flavored vinegar?

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              You used a dehydrator for the berries? I would slice a fat 1/4" thick, a medium berry in 3-4 slices. If they are too thick it just takes longer, no big deal.
              I haven't made this chutney yet- strawberries are still $$ near me- but i've had it bookmarked a while, prob use less sugar, like 1/3c or less if your berries are sweet

              Last summer i made a black berry vinegar- i simmered white wine vinegar with some sugar until it dissolved and poured it over my semi mashed berries in a mason jar. Once it cooled to room temp i added a lid and let sit in the cupboard nearly two weeks, then strained out the berries and kept in the fridge. Like any flavored vinegar, just swapping in the berries. Sorry i don't have precise measurements, this recipe looks similar to what i did:

              Its great for salad dressings and marinades!

          2. Roasted strawberry pie.

            Or roasted strawberry ice cream.