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Regrets -- I've had a few.

I lived just outside Tokyo for eighteen months and never went to the Tsukiji fish market. I've been kicking myself for 20 years. Any other Homer Simpson foodie "dohs" out there?

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  1. I live less than a dozen miles from Pok Pok Portland, and have never been there. People fly in from all over to make pilgrimages to the place.

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    1. re: RelishPDX

      This is too funny. I also live in Portland and have never been to Pok Pok.

      1. re: Chatsworth

        you two need to meet up soon for lunch and go there together

        lived in the City of Angeles all my life and never had lunch or dinner at the Brown Derby or Chasen's.

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          I live in Salem and have never been to Pok Pok. I have also never been to Apizza Scholls, Bunk Sandwiches, or Clyde Common.

      2. Yup - moved from Seattle to Utah. Enough said. ;-)

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        1. re: UTgal

          love Seattle, love Utah

          have you been to the shining star saloon outside SLC?
          saw it on TV, had to go, made a girlfriend go with me.
          fun day

          1. re: iL Divo

            Thanks for the recommendation! Huntsville is a bit of a haul (80 miles) but I've put it on my "restaurants to try" list. Thank you!

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              UTgal, it was on my list because of watching waaay too many TVFOODNETWORK shows. probably involved GF there and the giant St. Bernard stuffed head placed on the wall of the very booth she and I sat in, was also part of the show I watched. since supposedly highly touted burgers are always on my desire list, we ventured out to make the quest.
              it was over 86 miles one way from where we started which is why I'd rented a car-it was my turn to drive.

              the drive in the snow through the mountains and the gorgeous scenery really made it a memory for me and being with a cherished friend was the end all be all.

              it's always for me the mission of the hunt, not usually the outcome of the meal. as was the result here, it was ok, the day was spectacular.

        2. Yes, but why didn't you go? You probably didn't go because you don't think you will enjoy the Tsukiji Fish Market. So while many other foodies will enjoy it, you probably won't. So I am not sure if it is such a bad decision afterall.

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            Actually, no, I'm pretty sure I would have loved it. I grew up with open fish markets, and am not squeamish about them. And I love fish. It's probably more a combination of being too lazy get up as early as necessary and thinking "it'll still be there next week."

            How many of us have only experienced a local highlight (food or otherwise) because out-of-town visitors have asked to go?

          2. Blue Ginger in Boston. Damn. Ming is one of my favorites.

            1. If you have the chance, check out Karato market in Shimonoseki and Jagalchi market in Busan (RoK). Neither is quite as hectic as Tsukiji, but they are much more relaxed about visitors.

              1. Not trying lamb until recently, my mom always yucked it so I automatically assumed I would not enjoy it either. Cooked right, it is delicious!

                Only eating my steak well done all my life until I met my husband

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                1. re: pumpkinspice

                  I'm curious; as you were, until recently, a "lamb virgin", what was the preparation that converted you? I have a close friend who told me a couple of months ago that he's never had lamb. He doesn't have any feelings about it one way or another. Meanwhile, it's my favorite meat, and as I'll be visiting he and his wife in the Fall, I'd like to make it for them.

                  1. re: mcsheridan

                    I was in that boat. Grilled lamb chops changed my life.

                    1. re: brooktroutchaser

                      Thank you for your perspective. I *do* enjoy lamb, and love to share.

                2. I was taking a quick long weekend road trip to Maine last weekend. I forgot to take a cooler with me for food items, especially lobsters to bring home. So while I was there I went and bought one. Guess what? I forgot to pick up the dozen lobsters from a friend on the way home!!! :-(

                  At least I did have some homemade country pate, scrapple, and salami to bring home.

                  1. I was supposed to go to the Tsukiji fish market several times. But each time I had drunk too much sake and shochu the night before and slept too late.

                    1. No New Orleans before Katrina - just wouldn't be the same now.

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                      1. re: Bryan Pepperseed

                        What do you mean it wouldn't be the same now? I've been to NOLA off and on since the mid-80's, and almost every year since Katrina. NOLA is now better than ever, and needs support to keep improving. Yes, there are parts of the area still impacted, homes still vacant, but the food/bar/art/music scene is amazing.

                        1. re: JMF

                          Wouldn't be the same in my mind. Yes, personal problem - perhaps someday, after therapy, I'll be able to get over it.

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                            As an ex-psychologist I say, don't waste your money on therapy. Go to NOLA, stay in the French Quarter at the Monteleone, or even better get a cottage at Audubon, and bring tons of money for eats and drinks. Drink at all the high quality cocktail bars, and seek out all the great restaurants like Cochon for porkiness, and small places like Central Grocery for po-boys or Acme for grilled oysters. Goo to some of the amazing places for live music, and watch all the drunk lunatics on Bourbon Street. That's some good therapy!

                        2. re: Bryan Pepperseed

                          I understand completely what you're saying, having been to New Orleans both pre- and post-Katrina, about three times each. It is different. I don't enjoy it any less now, and I certainly intend to keep going, for all the reasons JMF lists. But it is different, just as Manhattan is different post-9/11.

                        3. Against the advice of the previous days tour guide, "too dangerous", I visited Tsukiji and almost got run over by the men driving the carts/lifts.

                          I ate Geschnetzeltes in Zurich. I ate and drank everything I could in Paris.

                          Made two trips to Glasgow, did not eat Haggis, have no regrets.

                          1. eating at TGI Friday's in Times Square because we were short on time (David Letterman tickets) and didn't THINK (Doh) to grab a slice of pizza somewhere