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Jun 20, 2014 08:20 PM

Awesome Supermarkets (and why)

I know of Sakaris (4393 Saint Laurent) and their awesome meat counter, very competitive prices and great produce.

I know there are fans of PA here. But why PA? I know there are fans of Segal's, but beyond price, why Segal's? And more importantly, are there any awesome grocery stores/supermarkets that are not on the Plateau?

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  1. PA (Fort) for me is awesome cause it's just a stone's throw away really. Checkout is also insanely fast since they tripled the lanes. After all the years shopping there I got to know some of the employees too. They get good prices, good variety and usually high quality. Sometimes when I'm bored I'll just go there late at night and buy something I've never tried before.

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      I agree.. Im always amazed at how many people shop at the provigo around the corner. At PA the selection is great and the prices are good. The cheese section has the best prices around by far. It isnt the place to go for tp/paper towels/processed food though.

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        Same for me. The produce and the seafood, at regular price, is much cheaper than at chain supermarkets. They have crazy specials on dairy products/soy/almond beverages sometimes.

      2. When I lived near there I went a few times and found it dirty and the produce subprime.

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          Assume you mean Segal's? It's disgusting. I pinch pennies as much as anyone, but I went there once and would never go again.

        2. PA Fort is great for everything.

          Adonis on Cote-Vertu is awesome for meat, produce, nuts, cheese and various middle-eastern stuff. They also have great specials. And they get a lot of love from me because of they they have the best selection of turkish candy bars.

          Fu Tai on Côte-des-neiges is an awesome Asian supermarket. They have things I've never seen anywhere else.

          Hawai on Marcel-Laurin is the best Asian supermarket in the city, has great selection and pretty well priced and good quality meat

          Kim Phat in Brossard has terrific fish and meat sections, great produce as well as good Chinese BBQ.

          Both Jang Teu locations are perfect for Japanese and Korean stuff, plus they have ready to eat food, kitchenware and various trinkets. They have a good selection of Korean dumplings which are the best store bought dumplings anywhere. Their house made kimchi, various banchan, dumplings and soon dae are very good.

          Supermarche Bonjour on Maisonneuve is awesome because of their ready to eat food and house made dumplings.

          1. Yes, i think the plateau PA (at least the old one) was vastly inferior to the PA on Fort. Far less selection and far more cramped. Maybe this has been resolved in their new space.

            I'm always amazed by PA. Lowest prices on that side of the city, great cheese, decent selection of most other things (even some imported stuff that's hard to find at provigo/metro). Basically, it's just more interesting!

            Segal's is cheap. C'est tout.

            1. Well, I've only been to PA du Fort a couple of times, when working at conferences nearby (usually at Concordia). PA Mile-End isn't "right around the corner" for me, but it isn't far, and after the move is a few minutes by bicycle and I don't have to ride on Parc, which I find dangerous. I have several friends close to there.

              I'm intolerant of cow's milk, and can always find goat's and ewe's milk cheeses for a good price at PA. Of course I can find those much closer by at Milano or at JTM, but they are generally far more expensive. Of course in season I do most of my produce shopping at the Market, but I couldn't resist the romaine on promotion for 50 cents at PA this week.

              I think there is more choice at the new location, but I haven't shopped at PA du Fort enough to compare them.

              As for Segal, yes, mostly because it is cheap, and sometimes very, very cheap. And is cheap in particular for natural and organic shelf groceries. I don't like their produce, and it certainly isn't the cleanest grocery in Mtl.

              I'm glad to have Milano close by. Yes, not a cheap supermarket by any means, but in the wintertime, often the fruit and vegetables are cheaper there than at chain supermarkets, and they are always good quality.

              Speaking of expensive supermarkets, if you live or work near either 5 Saisons, do check out their weekly promotions. Not long ago I bought a small organic chicken there, Voltigeurs, for 2.99 lb/ 6.59 kg, cheaper than when they are on promotion at PA. I've seen other good promotions on rather "upmarket" foods there.

              I've only been to the Acadie-Sauvé Adonis, evidently others are better, but quite far except for the Atwater one (not close, but easy by métro). And only to the Saint-Léonard Hawai. I'll try to get to the St-Laurent one soon. I'm looking for Indonesian groceries - tempeh and sambas.

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                Definitely worth going to the Ville St-Laurent Marché Hawai for a big aisle of good sambals and excellent tempeh in the freezer. I haven't been to the other one but am told it doesn't have the same selection of Indonesian products. You've been planning to go for a few years now, hey? Stock up while you are there!

                I'm also cow intolerant and get interesting cheeses at Vieille Europe. They've always got a cool brébis on sale. Segal always has cheap packs of raclette de chevre which is also handy. Adonis has started cutting their ground lamb with beef which is a huge drag but maybe shows the effects of their new ownership. There's beef in most of their merguez too which is also annoying.

                1. re: Plateaumaman

                  Yes, I go to Amsterdam (for work, and no, nothing to do with ganga) more often than I do to Ville St-Laurent! Of course in the meantime I've gone to the Saint-Léonard one, which I can reasonably cycle to. They do have some Indo products, but not the same choice.

                  Milano's "Tuscan sausage" and probably also its merguez, that used to be all lamb are now cut with beef, and I saw beef as the first ingredient in the tuscan sausage this week.

                  1. re: lagatta

                    I used to stock up on ground lamb at Adonis on our way back from Marche Hawai (easy loop to do in a car and when you've got a massive bag of rice, worth it, much closer than A'dam!) but they didn't have it the last few times. Luckily Intermarché on Mont-Royal sells pretty good ground lamb for burgers. Sakaris had a long explanation for why they don't have lamb which I didn't pay much attention to, but I got some lamb shoulder steaks there that I am scratching my head over tonight. Not quite sure what to do with these.

                    1. re: Plateaumaman

                      Sakaris often has lamb, in some incarnation (shoulder, or stew meat). I don't have a car or easy access to one.

                      That Mont-Royal and Boyer Intermarché is a good supermarket - I presume you are referring to that one and not the one farther east near Papineau or the Portuguese one farther west (which has good cheeses and other interesting Portuguese groceries). I think it is pretty much in the heart of La Petite vieille France; they have a lot of French imports, and their produce is always good.

                      1. re: lagatta

                        Yes, the one at Boyer. It's much improved over the years, that's for sure. They have 7 different brands of coconut milk.

                        1. re: Plateaumaman

                          When I can, I go there to get the produce and other fresh things I want on sale at Intermarché. The Intermarchés on Beaubien at the corner of Garnier and on Avenue du Parc between Bernard and St-Viateur are both closer to where I live, but in general produce is fresher at the Boyer Intermarché.