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Jun 20, 2014 07:41 PM

Fallow Deer

I was in Las vegas back 6 months ago or so for a special family event and we all ate at Picasso in the Bellagio. There was a fixed menu choosing one of 3 items for 1st/2nd/main and one of the options on the main was Fallow Deer. Me being the adventurous kind decided to be 1 out of the 2 people in the group of 25 or so to order it(other person got it medium well and I got it medium rare under the advice of the server) It was easily the best meat dish I've had in my life and after I let my brother sample it he was shocked at how good it was(save for him liking his food done medium and not seeing any red at all. Obviously due to us dining at Picasso, it might not just of have been the Fallow Deer but may of as well been the Chef. I'm sure there's somewhere in Los Angeles that serves it, the question is where and who does it best?

I would normally mention a price limit but this being a special dish in my dining experiences and the fact that it's relatively hard to find among game meat in general leaves me to at this time set no limit unless it gets really crazy. Distance would probably not be an issue unless it's a dish only available on saturday night in DTLA(#Drunkageddon). The only place I've heard of that would possibly have it is Saddle Peak Lodge but due to it's remote location, I'm not sure if it's mostly visited to it's remote charm.

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  1. Check with Patina, they have a rotating game menu. A very good one, by the way.

    Also, as you rightly mentioned SPL is another viable option, and for what it is worth, the food is worth the drive, not just the charm of its remote locale.

    Good luck.

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      Patina looks great, location is undesirable but on occasion I'm at the L.A.C.C. and that would be a short drive that would also help me avoid rush hour traffic going back home.

    2. Saddle peak food more than legit. Nice game and game sausages.

      1. Thanks for the reco's for SPL, I knew about the place and had mostly wanted to go due to the ambiance of the location before finding out that the food is good to boot. My only disappointment is that game meat is probably very good paired with the right red wines but I'm unfortunately always the driver and am too worried to drive even mildly intoxicated.

        This may sound stupid but is there a way to drink wine and properly not be drunk afterwards? Such as drinking a gallon of water or something or is there a type of beer that best pairs with game meat e.g. stout, ipa, dba,abbey.

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            That was a great link that I honestly thought was going to be a joke until reading it and watching that video and realizing the logic to why it should work. Have you or anyone else tried it?

            I'll probably test it myself before I actually go there and find out the hard way.

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              I have not but, the sources are impeachable as far as I'm concerned.


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                impeachable? or unimpeachable?
                I'm honestly asking as there may be a sarcasm font

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                  Lol, sorry, unimpeachable. No sarcasm.


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            Let some time pass. Walk around the vicinity. You won't feel the urge to leave until it's safe.

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                  How Ray, a sting ray or Mi, a bahn mi sandwich?

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                    Fine, I'll cap this ...
                    referring to the OP's concerns,
                    Saddle Peak Lodge may seem "Fah", but it's not really a fah, fah way to run...
                    I'm ashamed of myself...