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Jun 20, 2014 05:54 PM

High-end Sichuan opening in Pleasanton

Per Diablo Dish:
"Allen Shi, who runs popular restaurants Yiping in San Ramon and Sichuan Fortune House in Pleasant Hill, is opening a new high-end Chinese concept in Pleasanton. China Lounge will be located 4220 Rosewood Drive in the Rose Pavilion shopping center next to the Ethan Allen furniture store. Shi, who hopes to open by the end of the month, says China Lounge will serve authentic Sichuan-style fare, which emphasizes spicy and bold flavors. Shi says this project is the most high end concept he’s ever done: he invested more than $1 million into renovating the interior, he’s importing a well-known chef from China to train his staff, and the food will showcase quality ingredients, including heritage breed Hampshire pork and cage free chicken. The 4,500-square-foot restaurant will seat around 100 in the dining room and another 30 or so at the bar, which has a full liquor license and eventually its own small plates menu.

“We’ll make everything on the spot, fresh to order,” Shi says. “Everything will be very high quality, because I think we need a good Chinese restaurant in that area.” "

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  1. Wow. That sounds like it'll be worth the drive.

    1. Hampshire pigs produce the leanest pork. Seems like an odd choice of breed if one is trying to project a high quality image.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        agreed. the choice of hampshire pigs looks like a p.r. stunt.
        going "lean" obviously targets a certain demagraphic audience. doesn't add anything to "quality"

        fat actually adds a lot to chinese cuisine (l.e the soup in xiao lung bao is all juices from pork fat.).

        1. re: shanghaikid

          Actually I would surmise that most customers don't know that Hampshire is a lean pig. Just being able to state that it's a heritage breed is the desired sound bite. I would make a bet that the pork source is probably not pure Hampshire either. Hampshires are common breeding stock for commercial crosses.

      2. imo, Yiping was a dumming down/distortion of szechwanese whlle Sichuan Fortune House is the real deal

        "importing" a well-known chef is a ruse. such importing is similar to high tech's use of HB-1 (or something like that).
        sponsor gets 2 years of "cheap" labor cuz they claim they can't find similar labor sources here. (or don't want to pay the market rate.

        the proof is in the eating. everything else is just talk.(to be polite.) it's up to the owner to provide adequate resources, just "importing" a chef and using a specific ingredient doesn't cut it.

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        1. The "chicken tofu" soup (the chicken prepared so as to resemble tofu pudding, it seems) sounds fascinating.

          1. thanks all. i think i'm going to do terra cotta warrior - she really likes authentic chinese food, and was hoping to go to one of the less popular, more undiscovered places.

            that being said, i think i'm going to save it for 2nd date.

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            1. re: vulber

              Did you mean to post that in this topic?