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Jun 20, 2014 05:50 PM

Concert at Fenway

Has anyone been to a concert at Fenway? Will the food vendors be operating? We have tickets for Billy Joel next week and just wondered if we can eat there or if we need to plan to eat somewhere nearby prior to going to the concert. Any suggestions for casual dining in the area around Fenway? (Something other than ICOB where we had dinner tonight.)

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  1. Tasty burger has the right preconcert vibe, I think.

    1. El Pelon for fish tacos or a burrito is still my favorite pre-game dining destination.

      Sweet Cheeks is also right there for bbq or fried chicken. And especially the biscuits.

      1. I'd throw Citizen Pub into the mix for pre-concert dining, particularly if you want to pregame.

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        1. re: cjd260

          I second Citizen, or if you don't mind a short walk, Audubon.

        2. bless his piano man heart, when's the last time he came out with new material? yes concessions will be open.

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          1. re: Bellachefa

            They still give Beethoven concerts and he doesn't even show up! :)

          2. Concessions will be open, though eating out beforehand is always a great idea. We went to The Wall last year (or the one before), and they had extra beer vendors on. People were really thirsty from the Colombian cloud that settled over Fenway that night!