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Jun 20, 2014 05:32 PM

South at SF Jazz, good and fast [San Francisco]

I'm remiss in reporting that we had a very good meal and service at South at SF Jazz on Tuesday before a show. The reviews of the food are all over the place so we went without expectations but it turned out very well. OT didn't let us make a rez for 8 people (only 2 tables of 4) but when we called, they promised to seated us together. We had dinner, a cake that we brought, and a round of drinks in under an hour (730-830) . Highlights: fried oysters (really great value and taste, ~9 for $9), mac and cheese (no roux, just cheesy), charred corn salad, pickled carrot salad, mashed potatoes. Someone is doing an excellent fry job: the cornmeal crusted okra and oysters were greaseless. The server really helped to steer our ordering and time our meal just right without rushing us. FWIW, if there are shows at 700 and 830, 730 seems to be a lull and a good time for grabbing a bite. Many tables were empty when we arrived but filled back up after 800.

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  1. Guess the Southern food wasn't popular. Tablehopper is reporting that the South is closed from 6/22 - 7/12 at which point they'll reopen with a new chef, rustic Mexican small plates and a bar menu to match. Darn, I loved those fried oysters!