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Jun 20, 2014 05:32 PM

Clay flower pot grill/smoker

I've been going over buying a new grill and trying to decide what I want. Probably several depending on the volume of my needs. I've been using a mini weber tabletop that I found on the property. There's lots of junk laying around these 5 acres. Last week the bottom came apart due to rust. I can still use it but I recalled someone talking about using a clay flower pot and have been searching different sites, videos and now I think I can buy a 16" diameter pot for under $20 which I can fit the grill and lid of my weber. But now I am looking into using another clay pot as the lid. I don't mind halfassing a bit but I want something practical as well. Does anyone have experience with this or usefull hints. It looks real straightforward as has been popular in Asia for centuries. And certainly cheaper than a green egg.

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  1. I made a smoker out of 16x20x16" chimney flue liners with a firebrick bottom and makeshift lid from an old charcoal grill. These flue liners are meant to withstand the heat better than simple terra cotta pots. In either case, the pots/tiles/liners must be DRY before you start any sort of fire in them, otherwise the water inside the clay will expand and crack the tiles.

    1. I have made the clay pot smoker. I also had the clay lid.I cut in the bottom for adding charcoal. I also added to the middle a grate to hold a pan of water. Above that was another grate for the meat.
      What to look for.
      Venting and air intake. Biggest problem. Make sure to have air fuel your fire and vent the lid. Suggest lifting the pot up off the ground with some bricks to get air underneath.
      Having a cutout in the bottom of the pot to feed your smoker. And replenish your fuel.
      Temperature control. Not that easy.
      Building up the creosote to season your smoker.
      Is it worth it ? Not really I have had better results on the Webber.
      Will it work for you. Yes. After multiple uses.
      Give it a try, What the heck.

      1. I wanted a charcoal grill that could also be used for smoking for our hunting cabin. I did not want to spend to much so I looked on Craigslist and found an older, but barely used 22" Weber Kettle for $10.

        1. Thanks for the tips. If it doesn't work I'll just have another gardening pot

          1. I made one, still have it. I've made butt, ribs, chicken and turkey breast on it...worked out well for me. I used a large claypot saucer as the top. Definitely holds heat better that my frakensmoker I cobbled together. As a matter of fact, I'm looking to get rid of it, If you're local to Connecticut, it's all yours

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              Thanks for the offer and words of encouragement. I live in Austin TX but I like the challenge of it. I was originally looking for something to cook a steak and veggies w/o using a lot of fuel. Then I thought why not whole chicken and ribs. As grilling and smoking involves so many variables I'm game and will post results.