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Jun 20, 2014 04:53 PM

L.A. Dish of the Month, July 2014 -- Nominations

We all know the drill by now, but in case you do not. The idea is this: choose a 'Dish of the Month' for the LA area and then collectively try as many versions of this dish as possible during the month reporting back with details and photos. It's great to talk about places you've been in the past, but the idea is to explore new places and make new discoveries.

The dish that gets chosen might be something very specific (chili fries) but might also be more of a dish category (potatoes). It's up to everyone here, but it probably makes sense to choose something that locals are excited about trying and finding the best and most interesting versions!

Some ideas to start Summer:


Anyway, this is the nomination thread for July 2014 …you can nominate as many dishes as you want, but once we do the voting thread, it will be one vote per user.

To nominate a dish, please (please!) post it in ALL CAPS in the responses below. This thread will be open until 11:59 PM PT on June 25th.

- nosh

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    1. re: ns1


      caveat: not baby gaga


      1. re: ns1


        (Am I the only one who read that in the voice of one of The Coneheads, from olden SNL days?)

        1. re: spoonlicker

          Frozen dairy-based dessert products is great as it includes ice creams and frozen custards, etc. But it is awkward. And it excludes sorbets and the ilk, shaved ice and some of the newer places. Is FROZEN DESSERTS too broad? Or maybe too narrow as not only desserts...

          1. re: nosh

            Don't fight it, just accept frozen dairy based desserts into your heart and be saved.

            1. re: ns1


              And the best way to accept them into your heart is through your stomach.

              None of this non-dairy apostasy!

      2. Most recent two:

        Lamb: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/977449
        Spring Produce: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/974071

        My nominations:


          1. re: jessejames

            I think we need to have a Chow potluck where everyone is assigned to bring a different pastrami offering, do a blind taste test, and settle this nonsense once and for all.

            Meat only so as not to skew the results with such incidentals as bread, mustard, coleslaw, Mystery Dressing, or god help us, MAYO. They'd have to call in the riot police.

            1. re: spoonlicker

              I'd love to know who R.C. Provisions thinks is the best Pastrami in L.A. :p #neverinamillionyears

              1. re: spoonlicker

                Then what would we have left to talk about

                1. re: jessejames

                  'Strewth. The silence would be deafening! We'd have to fill the void by reviving an old feud like whether Tito's Tacos are good or not. It would be a verbal bloodbath.

            2. CHEESE AND FRIENDS

              (fondue, grilled cheese, cheese boards, mac-and-cheese...you know what I'm talkin' about)