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Jun 20, 2014 04:10 PM

Chesterfield, MO - Lunch Options?

Hello Missouri Hounds!

I'll be in the Chesterfield area for a family event soon. I'll have a car and may need solo lunch options on Friday and Saturday.

Looking for relatively inexpensive options. No dietary issues to work around. I prefer options I can't get at home, so not interested in seafood. I prefer regional specialties when traveling.

I live in a deli deprived area so Jewish, Italian or German deli's would be a plus! I'm open to driving a half hour or so. Great charcuterie is always of interest, same with house made pickles!

I'm hoping to visit the Botanical Garden and it looked like Eovaldi's is a close option - their muffaletta caught my eye.

Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. the Garden is no where near Chesterfield, but if you're willing to make the drive (20-30 minutes?) not far from it are places I've been wanting to go more often (but seems all my friends have gone vegan or something)

    for deli fare and bakeries (mmm cannoli and almond biscotti) do check out the largely Italian Hill area just West of the Garden esp. Volpi's and Giovanni's. for more upscale, and adventuresome there's Beddu nearby:

    sorry German and truly Jewish are really not to be found much anymore I like Kopperman's but it's 'Jewish-style' and been getting mixed comments lately (it's for sale if ya want to buy and re-locate here!

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    1. re: hill food

      Well, I'm still unpacking from my last move almost 3 years ago so I'll have to pass on relocating! :-))

      Beddu looks fantastic. I really hope to be able to go there.
      The link on deli's is terrific.

      My laptop crashed so I'm having to begin research for this trip all over again on a very elderly desk top pc. So your suggestions are very, very helpful.

      1. re: hill food

        I was at Salume the other day and I was very disappointed in their Muffaletta. It was pre-made, and served cold right out of the refrigerator. So I would personally avoid that if you do go there. I like Eovaldi's but on the Hill, I think you MUST try Gioas Hot Salami sandwich. Unlike any other Salami you have likely tasted. It is not as spiced as many others. The "hot" is not spicy, it is is cooked and served hot. SOOOO delicious.....

      2. Veritas is very close by and I like them a lot. They're starting some charcuterie and do a fair amount of pickling. For serious housemade charcuterrie, though, you want Salame Beddu. If you get off I-64 at Hampton and head south, it's maybe a mile and a half (don't hold me to that). Not many seats but brilliant.

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          Veritas sounds like the perfect option to have in my back pocket! Thank you.

        2. How are you for BBQ? In Chesterfield Valley is PM BBQ. Very good Brisket. In OIlivette is Sugarfire Smokehouse. Awesome Brisket.
          In Clayton which is on the way to Botanical Gardens, Carl's Deli. A hole in the wall with Kosher Style Deli sandwiches that are large and inexpensive.

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          1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

            I would recommend Protzel's Deli on Wydown in Clayton by far over Carl's.

            1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

              BBQ could be an idea. Brisket is not often found in NC BBQ joints - they tend to be 95% pork, usually chopped, and maybe some chicken.

              I'll jot these down just in case.

            2. Thanks again for all the help!

              My trip was terrific. Lots of family time with a few brief excursions to fabric shops.

              I was able to work in one deli lunch -Protzels. The corn beef was very good! Picked up a gooey butter cake there to bring to a picnic. I'd never had one before. A little sweeter than I prefer but I can see why it could become an addiction.

              One evening we had a catered buffet at Sybergs. I wasn't expecting much but it ended up being pretty tasty. Nothing earth shattering but everything prepared nicely. Everyone seemed pleased.

              I popped into a Schnucks and purchased some provel, a package of sliced blue marbled jack cheese (great melted on sandwiches) and a bag of Oke-Dokie caramel & cheese popcorn, Wish I'd bought a second bag since it disappeared quickly on my drive home.

              On my drive out of town I spotted a butcher opened on Sunday, Baumanns Fine Meats. Purchase a variety of bratwurst. Cooked one type once home and it was good! They also have some interesting wood chips for sale. I bought an Ozark persimmon (iirc) but have yet to have a chance to use it.

              St. Louis was easy to get oriented and I enjoyed the little exploring I was able to do. Hope to return next year - with more time to eat!

              Again, much appreciative of your suggestions and hope to make better use of them next time.

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              1. re: meatn3

                Glad you had a good visit and thanks for reporting back.

                1. re: nosh

                  Wish I had more to report back on...there were many wonderful sounding options presented.

                  It's frustrating answering visitor queries and never getting feedback. So I try to give some sort of report even when embarrassingly brief.