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How can you avoid restaurants using MSG? I ate a vegetable curry at a Thai place five hours ago and it feels I ate an elephant.

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  1. I didn't know elephants had a lot of msg in them.
    Also, it's likely it was something else and not msg that caused your reaction.

    1. EC-- you've been on CH for quite a while, so certainly you know that many people have different opinions about what happens to their systems when they consume MSG
      Thankfully, I have never experienced any of the effects reported by others.

      Most Chinese and Japanese restaurants that are more casual in my area have a MSG disclaimer on the front door and on the menu and some even have a "NO MSG" sticker on their websites.

      I'm not sure about other kinds of cuisine.

      In the end, I would ask.

      In China, we learned that the best way to get the clearest answer was to ask your question in reverse.
      So, you should ask:
      "Oh, you guys DO use MSG, right?!"
      A sorry no would be a reassuring answer.

      Kris now in the DC/NoVA area

      1. Based on that single experience you blame msg?

        1. Well if you're sensitive to MSG there are a whole bunch of ingredients and foods that you should be avoiding......

          1. Way to be scientific regarding your symptoms. Must be msg!

            1. Basically, don't eat out.

              1. How can you avoid restaurants using MSG?

                By not going into them.