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Jun 20, 2014 01:19 PM

Best....French and/or seafood... 4 people $300 dinner inc drinks

I'm from out of town but have a 40th birthday celebration coming up in the city.
Quick search has found Craigie on Main, No. 9 Park, Deuxave, Bergamot

I went to L'Espalier a long time ago but that's over the budget I think.

I guess fun with cool vibe is better than stuffy and too fancy.

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  1. Island Creek Oyster House or Eastern Standard will fit the budget and meet the cool vibe criteria - Bergamot is also great but doesn't have much vibe - just warm service in a nice room, great food / drinks, and fair prices.

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        1. re: StriperGuy

          the mark-up on good wine makes the price of food look reasonable, anywhere. BYOB makes the price of food seem reasonable. But making that happen is tough.

    1. definitely no cool vibe about no. 9.

      1. Island Creek or Eastern Standard would be my choices. Happy Birthday!

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        1. re: mvi

          Island Creek and Eastern Standard, yes, but with the caveat that you might want to avoid both if the Red Sox are playing at home.

        2. If it were my birthday and I had a budget around there I'd be asking to go to Alden & Harlow.

          CoM would probably be hard to stay under that line (A&H might be pushing it depending on how many drinks is involved with 'inc drinks'). Definitely a notch or two down in the ambiance/pomp & circumstance but their sibling restaurant Kirkland Tap & Trotter might be worth looking at.

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            Alden & Harlow is a TERRIFIC recommendation to add - tops on my list currently for a fun night out with great food and drinks - and it's conceivable to get a peak time dinner reservation in advance with less than 8 weeks notice (the norm at Island Creek these days...)

          2. Happy B'day in advance! We had a special celebration like yours a few weeks ago, a fantastic evening at Island Creek. Here's what i posted about it:

            Alden and Harlow has a talented chef and is a fun spot, smallish, dark and loud. But imo, it can't match the food, decor, service, bar program and overall stylish ambience and energy of ICOB.