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Jun 20, 2014 12:50 PM

Raleigh Sundry Shop - Downtown Raleigh

For those that may have missed the recent note in the N&O, just a heads up that David Fowle (formerly of the Wilmoore Cafe and Cafe Udine) is back in downtown running the Sundry Shop in the old (old) Progress Energy Building. David is offering basic breakfast options in the morning and then deli sandwiches, grilled pimento cheese, hot dogs, and soup for lunch. The deli sandwiches and daily soup are both very good and reminiscent of those he offered at the Wilmoore. No homemade chips there (at least not yet) but he is serving high qualify meat and gives you an ample portion at a price that is one of the best deals in town. Hefty ham and swiss and chips and a drink for $7 or so. He also has his old chocolate chip cookies (with sea salt?) that are great. The atmosphere is pretty basic but it's well worth seeking out for great food at a great price and a chance to chat with David.

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