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Jun 20, 2014 12:49 PM

Cheapest, high quality oysters??

Looking for the cheapest raw oysters in DFW...

The best place I have found is Aw Shucks but even there with such a fast food atmosphere I can end up with a large bill even if only for a couple of people. I also like fried oysters and would be interested in good deals on them but not if they are not fresh because i don't eat fishy oysters.

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  1. Try Pappadeaux. The Oak Lawn location, only. Note: They normally rinse them under cold running water after they've been shucked. I always tell them NOT to rinse mine.

    1. My daughter lives in Fort Worth so I stayed a couple of days there last week. We were planning to head to Eddie V's for their $1 Gulf Oysters during Happy Hour. Had to cancel that reservation, but, next time I'm in FW, we are going there! You might want to check out the Dallas Eddie V's HH menu, see if they run the same special.
      While I was over there we were able to eat Saturday lunch at Waters Bonnell's where we each tried all eleven of the named varieties of raw oysters available that day. None was from the Gulf, mostly NE US and PEI, Ca. We conducted a taxonomic "field study" on their shells and flavors. We ate them with just horseradish, but they came with several good sauces. No rinsing here! All the oysters were stellar: briny and super fresh! Each one was in the $2.50 to $3.50 range, so not cheap. We also shared their fried oysters-delicious but not as "tight" as I prefer. Excellent remoulade sauce! Added cups of gumbo and cocktails. Fantastic lunch!

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        I don't call twelve dollars a dozen bay oysters cheap. Raw oyster season in Texas is really over, while still available the good ones are from late December-March depending upon how cold it gets.

        1. re: James Cristinian

          Ahh.. I did not even realize there was a season for oysters but I guess there is for almost everything. I will keep that in mind.
          I just remembered that Aw Shucks has a happy hour so I guess that's my best bet. I live an hour south of dallas so I have to leave work early just to make that. lol
          Maybe I am naive but when I look for texas oysters I don't pay attention to the quality so much because the higher quality oysters are always from up north where waters are colder. I do of course need them to be fresh so they don't taste fishy and nasty.

          1. re: neiladammcginnis

            I'd be shocked if you could find an oyster on the half shell in Galveston this time of year. Try eating some big, briny Texas oysters in the dead of winter. They are quite delicious.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              ok will take you word for it sounds like you have done the research necessary. lol
              I guess I do notice the qualities fluctuate but I had previously just assumed they were from different vendors so maybe that was why. I will look at it a little differently in the future.