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Jun 20, 2014 12:40 PM

Many thanks to all the B.C. hounds and food trucks?

Not only for the helpful replies to the posts I've made here but also for all the great info I've found reading through other posts - you guys rock! We are so well prepped for our trip next week that we could stay a few more days.

A quick final question. Food trucks? Our research leads us to look towards visiting Feastro, Vij's Railway Express, Aussie Pie Guy, and Westside Kitchen. We get excellent korean tacos and real mexican tacos locally here in NJ so they are out, but anything else mobile worth the trouble?

Thanks again :o)

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  1. Fat Duck is worth a google.

      1. re: mhlwang

        Thanks for the replies.

        When I researched Le Tigre I found a lot of folks liking their fried chicken, so maybe a chicken and rice stop there is in our future.

        I did google fat duck too. What is your favorite dish there?

        1. re: seal

          For Fat Duck I like the dirty rice bowl and the duck confit sandwich; my friend also likes the pork belly sandwich.

      2. I like Aussie Pie Guy, too.
        Also Kaboom Box.

        1. Whichever you choose, this is useful for looking up:

          Eat Chicken Wraps is nice ..... their hoisin chicken roll and kung pao chicken (lettuce) wraps are delish and good deals.

          1. I would skip Feastro and Aussie Pie - not really a big fan of their stuff.

            Yes to Vij's Railway Express - I like the puff rice salad and their fish curry if available that day.

            Agree with Philx, Yes to Fat Duck - their duck confit sandwich is great.

            Also another + to Mogu, their chicken karaage is amazing.

            + to Le Tigre but I like their Kick Ass Rice with pork belly.

            Kaboom Box's smoked salmon sandwich is the west coast thing to get and is good.

            Another one to consider is Mangal Kiss, their wraps are very healthy with tons of veggie and meat that is grilled when ordered.