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Favorite Pasta dish of the year

any price range... looking for great pasta

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  1. Lincoln - strozzapreti con aragosta (lobster pasta with lobster and scallop sausage, tarragon and peas)

    Costata - garganelli alla fiamma (prosciutto, peas, truffle cream)

    All'Onda - garganelli with crab, citrus, tarragon and yuzu kosho

    Ristorante Morini - duck confit agnolotti

    Perla - fetuccine with oxtail ragu and porcini mushrooms

    1. Agnolotti with brown butter and sage for lunch at Babbo:


      1. Spaghetti & clam at The Clam

        When it arrived, I was a bit concerned, as the actual dish was hidden under a huge mound of arugula. It certainly wasn't the prettiest dish, but wow when we took our first bite, we realized how wrong we were to judge by appearance.

        I believe it's housemade spaghetti, as it didn't have the bite that dried pasta has - which suited the chunky & flavorsome tomato based clam sauce that had bits of clam chopped into it. Surrounding the place were huge littlenecks (some were a bit tough, but don't let that detract from the star of the dish: the sauce and the pasta).

        1. Easy for me and quite shocked it was already mentioned...

          Lincoln - strozzapreti con aragosta (lobster pasta with lobster and scallop sausage, tarragon and peas)

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          1. Love the Hen's Egg Tagliatelle & Ham Hock at Betony.

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              Here's a photo of the Hen's Egg Tagliatelle at Betony.

            2. Pork Ragu Rigatoni at Hearth
              Also their gnocchi side is great.

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                  That Marea fusilli may well be the single best pasta in the city.

                2. I Sodi - leek lasagna
                  I Sodi- Fava pesto (they call it something verde)
                  Babbo - Bavette with Cardoons
                  Bar Pitti - Taglierini al Empolese (the pasta is always perfect, the sauce is quite variable)
                  Porsena - pasta with greens (the greens vary)

                  1. Marea- fusilli with braised octopus and bone marrow

                    Sole Di Capri-Tagliatelle Ale Acciughe classic southern italy homemade recipe- tagliatelle sautéed with anchovies, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, peperoncino, walnuts and then sprinkled with aged pecorino cheese.

                    Louro- Tagliatelle octopus bolognese

                    Gigino ( tribeca): Spaghetti del Padrino: Spaghetti with julienne beets, escarole, capers, olive oil and garlic.

                    Greenwich Grill : ( closed) -Delicious Zuwai Crab And Bottarga Spaghettini crab meat, slowly cooked leeks, garlic, sardinia bottarga, and olive oil

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                          Intensely caramelized lamb neck ragu and sweet pea-mint purée.