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Jun 20, 2014 10:29 AM

Help with North End casual date night

We'll arrive around 7 p.m. on Saturday night and are planning to see a show from 7:30-9 at Improv Asylum in the North End. I'd like to have dinner, but I can't wait until 9. So, I'm thinking we could get a snack before the show, then a light dinner after the show. Another possibility is a quick, casual dinner before the show and coffee or ice cream / gelato afterwards. Any suggestions? I'm familiar with the area during the daytime, but I'm not sure what will be open on a Saturday evening other than sit-down restaurants (and Mike's, Modern, etc.) And this is a "date night" with my spouse, so no need to impress. Thanks!

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  1. It might be too crowded, but maybe the bar at Prezza?

    1. How about a (shared) slice from Ernesto's before the show, then dinner afterwards at Trattoria Il Panino (Prezza is a personal favorite, but the bar is usually packed and it's a pretty upscale option for dinner).

      Even better, you could put your name in at Neptune Oyster before the show, and you MIGHT get a table soon after the show ends...casual, quick, amazing, but not cheap...

      1. Café Vittoria for desert/coffee after.

        1. if it's a special date night, why not make early dinner reservations someplace nice, like prezza, and just have gelato or pastry after the show? do you really want to wait in line at 9:30 to sit to eat dinner?

          1. Thanks for the suggestions! Everywhere we went was packed with tourists and World Cup crowds, so I will have to keep your suggestions on file for next time. We ended up having a snack at home and then eating dinner at Limoncello after the show. (Alas, no early dinner reservation for us, due to kid/babysitter issues.)

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                Good solid dinner, we enjoyed it but nothing made up sit up and pay attention. I got the Tagliolini al Limoncello, homemade tagliolini (similar to linguine but thinner) in a tomato cream sauce with exactly 4 shrimp. He got the special risotto with asparagus and baby shrimp, which was very springy tasting. Prices are around $18-26 for pasta and $20-38 for secondi, which is a splurge for us -- if going out to dinner were the focus of our evening, I prefer going to places where flavors and combinations are unexpected or something I would have trouble making at home.

                1. re: Pia

                  there is a reason you were able to get in there with no wait. :)

                  sorry, but on a gorgeous summer saturday, i don't think it's a reasonable expectation to get into a good north end place without a reservation or a wait.

                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                    No argument here. Considering we just walked in with no reservation, I was perfectly happy with Limoncello.