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New Akai Ryu, Porter Sq.- Japanese Shabu Shabu, Sushi and More

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This is a new place in Porter Sq/2nd flr. specializing in shabu shabu and sushi. A 'gimmick' there, at least on its web menu, is a menu selection of mushrooms, but the ones listed are not what I would hope for(though that could be the result of the season.) I hope some intrepid hounds will try it soon and report back!


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  1. I tried it and was impressed. Top quality shabu ingredients and the sushi is good too. the restaurant decor is very nice.

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      that's great. what other sushi and shabu places do you like?

    2. Here is my Yelp Review re: Akai Ryu:
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      We ordered the vegetarian shabu-shabu combination. Here is the rundown:

      1) The Vegetarian Shabu-Shabu ($18) : Honestly, kinda disappointing. They had a few nice things on this platter (a few different types of mushrooms, 3 ears of corn, a few stalks of asparagus, and 2 small pieces of butternut squash) in addition to the usual lettuce (watercress, bok choy, napa cabbage), and broccolini. There were only 2 small pieces of silken tofu on the platter! It also came with a choice of noodles or rice. We ordered an additional tofu platter ($6) as we needed more protein and were served another 2 pieces of silken tofu, 2 pieces of fried tofu, and some tofu skin. If I were to have my dream vegetarian platter it would include more tofu from the start, a few vegetarian dumplings, and more butternut squash.

      2) Broths for the Shabu ($4): We ordered the Mushroom and the Thai Tom Yum. The mushroom was earthy but quite boring to cook the vegetables in. After trying the mushroom broth once, we switched over to (and stuck with) the Tom Yum side. This broth was nice. Relatively flavorful and spicy.

      3) Rice ($2): We ordered a side of rice which was $2 for about 1 cup. Seemed overpriced for the amount given.

      4) The Physical Space: Nice, LARGE. The lighting was a tad bit dark for my liking but overall they did a beautiful remodeling job.

      5) Service: The waitress was young and inexperienced. Kinda reminded me of my days as a waitress (I was well intentioned just not very skilled). She told us one of the broths on the menu was vegetarian when it was not and did not know if the "BBQ" sauce on the table was vegetarian or not. She was sweet though and was
      obviously trying her hardest.

      FInal Analysis: Would we rush back? No. Will we try them again in the future? Perhaps once they settle in a bit and hopefully make some slight "tweaks" to the menu.
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      My hubby and I prefer the vegetarian shabu at Swish Shabu in Fenway.

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