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need a suggestion

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Looking for a great restaurant experience that has spicy hot food other than an Indian place. Thanks

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  1. Spicy as in piquant(hot) or spicy as in spiced?

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      Heat it is.
      I edited the original post.

    2. Thaĩ would be my first choice for spicy cuisine.

      Maybe some jamaican food could be hot'n'spicy.

      1. Cuisine sezchuan or Kanbai? Those sezchuan peppers are really hot and tasty

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          Sichuan food is definitely the hottest stuff you can find in this city. My last two meals at Cuisine Szechuan were so-so. I've never really been pleased with Kanbai despite all the hype it gets, but I seem to be a rare exception.

          I haven't yet been to Gia Ba, but it's getting a lot of love even on this board.


        2. I second Gia Ba on Monkland. Look at the thread SnackHappy posted for some specific recommendations. I'm sure staff would be glad to suggest some particularly spicy dishes, too - they're very friendly.

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