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World Cup party with Portuguese cuisine

Any ideas for Portuguese cuisine for the US soccer game on Sunday?

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  1. What kind of Portuguese food do you like?

    1. There's a ton of petiscos on google.
      Make half a dozen different ones.
      That's what the fans in Portugal will be eating during the game.

      1. The Portuguese food I'd choose to have watching a football match (and I'm assuming there'll be beer) is francesinhas. May be tricky to prepare for a crowd, though you can cook the meat and make the sauce beforehand.

        1. Piri piri chicken wings are quite tasty and easy to make. You can usually find piri piri sauce in a specialty food store, even my Safeway carries it. Or you can use substitutions to create the flavor. Here's a recipe:

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            Piri Piri is great and if you are a Penzey fan they have it at their spice stores as well.

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              For big games throughout the year my friends and I cook food according to the cuisine of the opponent.

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                  AH........but for the finale......................at least some of us hope......you'll have to serve martinis and hotdogs and hamburgers.

                  not likely.........but we all have a dream

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                    Manhattan would be more appropriate, no?

              1. Depending on where you live, if Linguica or Chourico is in local stores, those 2 sausages are a great addition. Home-made pizza with Linguica will send you into bliss and turn you off pepperoni forever

                Linguica or Chourico sandwiches with a bit of garlicky tomato sauce is also good.

                1. I am not really a sports fan, but I'm loving the World Cup-watched Costa Rica/Italy (great), France/Switzerland (crushing), & now Honduras/Ecuador...I am inspired to cook-because I'm a Chowhound, not a diehard soccer fan.
                  On the menu- baleadas, different salsas, & maybe a quiche (cooked a spinach/cheese pie tonight).

                  1. I would serve a big pot of feijoada with a lot of fixin's like chopped pickled chiles, avocado, red onions, grape tomatoes, sour cream, etc. It's usually served with white rice, but if that's too tricky to eat while watching the game, maybe some tortillas or tortilla chips. If tortillas aren't Brazilian enough, then maybe pão de queijo, or Brazilian cheese bread.

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                      Barrel of KFC with piri piri poured over it.
                      Maybe the 'Colonel' has Portuguese relatives.

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                        As usual, Puffin3, the Colonel has already been there, done that, and come back with the t-shirt. (Kind of blurry, but the last pic, Refeição do Coronel, is basically an individual-sized portion of your dish.)

                        Extra crocante, por favor.

                    2. Fill up on pastel de nata and good coffee.