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Jun 20, 2014 09:15 AM

Pizza delivery in SE DC

I've been living in Eastern Market for over a year and have yet to find a good delivery pizza option. I ordered from Pizzaiole once and I thought the pizza was bad, and the delivery took forever. I am not a huge pizza snob but I have previously lived in places with truly great pizza so I have my standards. I like Pete's but the only way to get that delivered is via Postmates, which is cool but SO expensive.

I'm looking for any and all suggestions-- small/local, fancy/gourmet, basic, national chains, etc.-- anything is fine. Price is a consideration but not the deciding factor. I don't have a ton of experience with national chains so if you have a preference (there's Papa John's and a Pizza Boli's close by) that's helpful too.

I do want DELIVERY recommendations only. I love 7th Hill and pick up from there sometimes, but to me that serves a totally different function.

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  1. basic old pizza? I always called these folks and was happy. the greek salad used to be worth it for the feta alone. but I've moved and haven't used them in a while.

    definitely better than Boli's or Papa John's.

    1. When I used to live near Lincoln Park, we'd get pizza from Al's on East Capitol, but that was ages ago. I've tried the pizza at Pizzaiole on Penn near Fragers; it's edible, but that was eat in, never delivered. New York Pizza down the street is pretty vile and their delivery is inept. Both the Papa Johns and Dominos near the Navy Yard are inept; you won't get your pies within an hour if at all. Jannat Kabob and Pizza in Kingman Park delivers pizza; it's okay, better than chain pizza, but I prefer the kabobs. Eddies in Trinidad delivers CHINESESUBSCHICKENBEERSEAFOODPIZZA, but I've never tried the pizza. 

      My experience on the Hill has been you can either pick up good pizza via carryout or mediocre pizza delivered. 

      1. We the pizza delivers.

        1. Thanks a lot, folks-- this is super helpful!