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Jun 20, 2014 09:09 AM

One FINAL request for my short mini-chowmeet with Singapore Hound in July

Good day, fellow Seattle Hounds,

Eating itinerary for my mini-chowmeet with Singapore chowhounder in July has been almost finalized. Reservation at Canlis has been made and we'll be having an either very early or very late 'san reservation' lunch at Taylor's Seafood....
However, we are still one dinner short!! FYI, both of us will be staying in Redmond.
Are there no chowhound worthy good food in the vicinity apart from McCormick & Schmick or Seastar Raw bar in Bellevue? Review of McCormick has been so inconsistent on Yelp and TripAdvisor, I am a bit hesitant to risk it. As for Seastar, fellow Singapore hound is a frequent visitor to Japan and a true expert in Japanese raw seafood. As such, I think we will give it a pass.
Without wasting precious time and spending a bundle on cab fare driving into Seattle. Could anyone recommend a good 'chowhound worthy' place CLOSEST to where we will be staying?!

Many Thanks!!

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  1. Great Italian at Tropea in Redmond. Spicy Talk is another place that is good in Redmond. Not fancy, but terrific food. Bis on Main in Bellevue is good and different from all the chains you'll find there. Black Bottle is good for small plates and drinks.

    1. Hi, Charles:

      The Herbfarm might be a perfect bookend to Canlis. http://theherbfarm.com/recognition/


      1. Barking Frog in Woodinville?

        1. where are you staying in redmond? there are points of redmond where you could walk across a street (literally) into bellevue, and there are parts of redmond you'd waste almost as much time and $$ getting to bellevue as to seattle.

          how i know: i grew up on the outermost fringes of redmond, where it bumps into woodinville/duvall. so if you're on that end your options look much, much different than if you're right on the bellevue end. or toward kirkland, or novelty/union hill...

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            1. re: Charles Yu

              your location and your fellow hounds likes & dislikes are obviously really important for this decision. that said, i second both barking frog and bis on main. the herbfarm is a ridiculous waste of time and money imo. other chowish options:
              redmond-the stone house, pomegranate bistro, & la isla
              kirkland-cafe juanita and volterra
              bellevue-john howie steak and mediterranean kitchen
              woodinville-hollywood tavern

              1. re: Charles Yu

                ah. i know exactly where you are. in that case, i would recommend you consider spicy talk bistro, pomegranate (good not great new american - it's the restaurant offshoot of lisa duparr catering and is decent with a nice ambience and generally good service). there isn't really anything especially good in redmond to my knowledge. you're looking at a pretty long haul to either woodinville or bellevue. probably 20-40 minutes by cab to points of interest in bellevue depending on traffic/where you're going. similar for the herb farm or barking frog (which is good but fairly overpriced) - probably about 15-30 minutes depending on traffic. i guess it boils down to how much time you want to spend in transit vs stepping things up a notch dining-wise. that cab fare will also be steep - i don't know how east side bus service is lately.

            2. I would not recommend McCormick - it's a chain and a bad one at that.
              - Bis on Main is pretty good in Bellevue
              - I'd recommend Monsoon for interesting SE Asian but you're coming from Singapore so I'd say not for you
              - My top recommendation: Café Juanita in the Juanita area of Kirkland - the chef is well respected (was on Iron Chef America I think) and the food is consistently good.