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Jun 20, 2014 08:55 AM

Which Ohio Graeter's Location Best?

I'll be driving thru Ohio en route to Detroit, and want to make a pilgrimage to Graeters. Which location should I hit?

It looks like Columbus is the furthest north they go, and thus most convenient to my route, but there are a number of stores there. Alas, their bakeries are only in Cincinnati.

Other plans: Z’s Cream & Bean in Hinckley, Fathead Brewing (just south of cleveland).

Cincinnati is pretty out of the way, but if I hit it, I could try Graeters bakery, and get my first schnecken (I hear Graeters makes great ones). And, of course: Jungle Jims.


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  1. sorry, no opinion on difference between different Graeters, but if you're looking for ice cream in or around Columbus, be sure to hit Jeni's

    1. The Bethel Road one is the biggest and has the most to see. I would choose it or the Upper Arlington one. The Upper Arlington one is in a pretty part of town and has nice outside seating.

      1. If you're doing all that driving, why not stop at Velvet Ice Cream in Utica, kind of between Newark and Mt. Vernon?

        1. come on jim! you're in jeni's rome and when in rome have jeni's.

          but if you insist on old school cinci graeters, aka that stick of butter they call ice cream, for columbus i would suggest either the one in upper arlington on lane avenue or better yet the one in worthington on north high street on the town square.

          and shame on your sweet tooth, you should be scouting somali food for us if you are going to be in columbus ;)

          ps - in nw ohio dont forget to stop in a grocery somewhere and grab a jar of tony packos pickles&peppers. and a squeeze bottle of cleveland stadium mustard if you can find it. also, if you head northeast of columbus skip the amish food temptations and instead hit up barberton for the hyperlocal specialty that is barberton style fried chicken, it has syrian origins and is unique.

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          1. re: mrnyc

            The Acme and Giant Eagle markets in the Akron/Barberton area have Packos pickles. I love them.
            The front street Packos location isn't far from 280 if you are going to Detroit. Everyone should make the trip to see it once.

            I second the recommendation of Barberton chicken. I like Hopocan Gardens version. Skip the apple sauce and get extra hot rice.

            1. re: Kelli2006

              good to know you can get packos items in ne ohio as he'll find the stadium mustard too and he can hit up barberton all at once, that will save time.

          2. There's a Graeter's on the west side of Columbus just off SR 315 (I think it's west off the Lane Ave. exit.

            If you're going to Jungle Jim's (and you definitely should) the closest is on Cox Rd. near Voice of America Park. My very favorite location is at Hyde Park Square because it's one of the oldest and is in a nice setting.

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            1. re: JohnE O

              ah yeah thats one of the graeters i was thinking of, in front of lane ave strip plaza mall. wasnt sure if it was cols city or ua.

              but seriously, i would love if jim would hit up a columbus somali restaurant. not really sure, but i hear darbo is the best: