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Jun 20, 2014 08:55 AM

Beer infuser

One of the big-name breweries in my area is giving away beer infusers. I'm both intrigued by and leery of the concept. The basic idea is that you infuse the beer with fresh flavours and create custom beer. They offer some suggestions, such as jalapeƱo lime and raspberry ginger.

Does anyone have any experience with this idea (I realize the concept doesn't require their "special" infuser)?

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  1. Would think it cause the beer to loose most of its carbonation.

    I've had beer served from this: (

    Same idea, but for tap beer. They were using an imperial stout that was virtually flat to begin with. Through black cherries. Very good.

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          Dogfish Head also markets a "Randall Jr." - a "home version" as it were - that is very similar* to the Alexander Keith item.

          * How's that for a polite term, rather than call the Labatt item a blatant rip-off?

          1. re: JessKidden

            Actually, much to the chagrin of many (I live in the city where Alexander Keith's began and where the original brewery still exists) it was purchased by Labatt a few years ago. Until then, all Keith's was brewed in Halifax. So, if both are actually Labatt's, it's in all likelihood exactly the same!

        2. Sure, a couple of my local bars do this on occasion, through a Randall as SP1 said (not sure if that's a Dogfish proprietary name or not). Recently I had Dogfish Midas Touch through the Randall with lime and mint. They do use cherries sometimes, or more often whole hops.

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            I am unfamiliar with Dogfish. What type of beer is Midas Touch?

          2. Friends gave us a couple. Works best with plainer stouts/porters that aren't as dependent on their carbonation. We've tried cocoa nibs, bourbon-infused cocoa nibs, cracked coffee beans, blueberries.