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Jun 20, 2014 07:05 AM

Are there Safe Shrimp?

Worried about the safety of shrimp....Have read about the health issues associated with Asian shrimp, Ecadorian, and Gulf shrimp....Help!

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    I only buy the little Nordic shrimp from the Gulf of St Lawrence. The ones I buy are processed in Gaspé Québec, but could be anywhere in Atlantic Canada or Northern New England.

    They are very tasty, but I do miss the larger ones.


    Not a safety comment but related to regional shrimp purchase. Buying in Chicago, I do not recall eating a shrimp for years that had shrimp flavor. They look like shrimp, chew like shrimp, but don't taste like shrimp. Does anyone else have this complaint, and any suggestions?


    Mods why do I keep getting deleted in this thread? First I thought it was because I mentioned child labour but I see mcf posted the same thing 7 hours ago and post is still here. My second post mentioned pig feces which is used to feed asian shrimp and link to article about US importing this shrimp. That is what the op is asking about why the moderation on select posts?


    Eat wild shrimp or you'll kill your taste buds! Gulf shrimp are great as are East Coast Atlantic shrimp. Stay away from Black Tigers & farm raised (P.Vannamei). They use tons of chemicals in the ponds so they'll reach maturity..


    I guess I was edited for posting the ethical reasons not to eat asian shrimp but here is a article on your question to wether they are 'safe'. You can decided


    I buy Asian shrimp from Costco due to their quality controls wrt the farms they use. But not from anywhere else. I will buy wild caught USA shrimp.


    Seafood Watch from the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the best source for information on seafood/fish that's safe to eat and sustainable. It is updated frequently.


    A few years ago the US decided to allow pig feces fed asian shrimp to be sold there, which I'm guessing most are. Does not sound appetizing or healthy. Never mind they have 6yr kids deveining shrimp and people getting kidnapped and forced to live on shrimp boats.


    Safe for whom? Sure avoid farm raised shrimp, buy wild shrimp! One thing I have noticed about people who tell me this is that they have no idea what this means. Giant trawl nets are used to scoop up the shrimp catching the shrimp and anything else in the way. For every pound of shrimp that is caught, its estimated that four pounds of other sea life are caught, killed and discarded. Not so safe for all the other fish. I remember when I first saw a shrimp net being opened up and watching all the critters fall out and seeing the small number of shrimp in there. It is stunning to see how many other fish are killed and dumped to get the shrimp for your cocktail


    I think much has been said about farmed raised seafood especially Asian.

    What are the safety concerns with wild caught from the Gulf & Mexican west coast?


    You probably should be worried.

    I don't think shrimp in any form can be considered either safe or sustainable anymore.

    Antibiotics aside, farmed shrimp in the US and abroad pose serious environmental problems because they eat food made from juvenile finfish (possibly the most wasteful use of marine resources imaginable), and because their waste is toxic.

    And wild shrimp still extract a massive toll from the environment, both from "bycatch" (of the afformentioned juvenile finfish) and trawling-related trauma to the sea bed.

    If I lived in southern Louisiana and I could buy real wild shrimp fresh off a boat I might feel differently, but the reality for most of us is a frozen, chemically compromised crustacean with dubious environmental credentials.


    You should probably just grow your own.

    Or, eat more chicken.


    gulf shrimp are fine. i don't eat asian farmed shrimp because of the gross environment in which they are raised.


    Eat local shrimp.


    I think you are over thinking this.