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Jun 19, 2014 09:46 PM

Blue Corn Tortillas [Santa Fe]

I first visited Santa Fe in the 70s and have been back a few times. It seemed to me that the titled item was a principal element in the local cuisine; I've read a great many posts and perused a lot of menus in preparation for my forthcoming return: is blue corn becoming scarce? Sure doesn't appear much anymore..

Also, is Tesuque a good choice pre-opera?


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  1. Blue corn is definitely still around, but it's less of an "it" ingredient than it was in the 70s and 80s, so you won't see it on as many upscale menus.

    As far as upscale dinner, I see that Santa Cafe still has blue corn enchiladas. You can definitely find blue corn at a lot of New Mexican restaurants (the Shed, Plaza Cafe, Tia Sophia's), and blue corn pinon pancakes are pretty common at breakfast (Tecolote Cafe RIP had my favorites, but Plaza Cafe does good ones). I'm sure there are plenty of other places where it's on the menu but not overly hyped anymore, since the rabid demand for blue corn above all else seems to have subsided over the course of a few decades.

    I assume you mean Tesuque Village Market? I don't think it really sets the world on fire as a chow destination, but it's a better-than-average neighborhood restaurant, especially considering it's basically the only restaurant in the neighborhood. If nothing else, they do have blue corn on the menu. The classic thing to do before the Opera is to tailgate: make yourself a picnic from Kaune's or get a to-go meal from wherever (my favorite is the Ranch House for terrific BBQ, but it's across town) and enjoy it in the remarkably scenic parking lot before the show.

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      1. There only option in Tesuque, is the Tesuque Village Market. (El Nido closed several years ago.)

        The food is good but casual in style... burgers, New Mexican enchiladas etc. They can get very busy during "the season" and particularly so once the Opera is going so allow time. And, they know many of their diners are visitors to Santa Fe so they can be pricey for what they serve. I have trouble paying $16 for a Club Sandwich though there is plenty of ingredients on the sandwich.

        Link is to their website; lunch & dinner menu pages,,,