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Private Staub & Miyabe knife sale on Zwilling site...

Some pretty good prices on Staub ovens with free shipping on most. I know there are many Staub fans here. Great sale on Miyabe knives too!


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  1. Hi Blondelle,

    I saw it. Pretty amazing prices. Cutleryandmore has 20% off on all Staub Cookware, with even deeper discounts on those with an Emerald color. Also, watch W-S, online and in store. These are good times to buy Staub--and i have.

    My Le Creuset and Staub cocottes now complement each other even better than before, and contrast nicely with my SS pans.

    I swear that the food tastes better when the cooking vessels are works of art.

    1. Whoa, that seems like insane pricing, this is a crazy good deal right?
      Do prices typically get this low? I dunno if I've ever seen Staub at prices like that.

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      1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

        There are occasionally really good prices both for Le Creuset and Staub discontinued items, damaged box, no box, or store model (scratched). The items listed from the Staub website (see blondelle's link) mention a "possible B" rating for the items, but I'm sure that they would honor the warranty. If you purchase special sale items from online retailers like W-S or stores like Macy's, I'm sure that Staub would likewise honor the warranty.

        If you buy an item through EBAY, the warranty is not as clear, but there are often perfect new Le Creuset and Staub items for sale or auction there all the time at tempting prices.

        1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

          At one time, years ago, Amazon was practically giving Staub away at crazy prices. The 5.5 round with a square grill and the 9.5 iron gratin was $99! They also had LC at crazy prices with a get free iron pieces with your purchase, and 25% off a $100 purchase on top of that at one time. They had the 2 3/4 qt. soup pots for $59-$69. The 4.5 qt. round ovens with iron trivet to match for $89 and the 4.25 soup pots for $79. This all stopped when LC started cracking down on discounting. LC pulled their line from Bloomingdales because of their discounting, and also shut down Caplan Duvall in Canada because of it.

          Those were the good old days....sigh!

          1. re: blondelle

            Hi, Blondelle,

            It's still going on. I got a 4 1/2 qt. L-C Legumier with 4 12 oz. ceramic bowls w/lids for $126 at a Macy's closeout, and a new, in box, 7 1/2 qt. L-C Bouillabaisse pot for $68 at an EBAY auction.

            Staub Emerald 4 qt was sold out by W-C stores at similar savings to the current special sale prices, and it is still going on at Cutleryandmore.

            It's just not so wide open any more.

        2. Thanks for the heads up, bought myself a couple of knives (I unfortunately already have all the Staub pieces I will ever need... as tempting as it is to buy more).

          1. Awesome, thanks for posting! I've been holding out for either a Le Creuset or Staub 7qt., couldn't pass it up for $159!

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            1. Does anyone have experience with the Miyabe knives? I'd be most interested in this Gyuto:


              How is the quality, and the price?

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              1. re: DuffyH

                I had one experience cutting potatoes with Miyabes at SLT. It has been awhile, and I still think of it. My knives are old French carbon steel and not slouches, but those were something else.

                1. re: DuffyH

                  I've handled a few different Miyabi knives. Generally speaking, they look good, feel great in the hand, have excellent and high performance geometry, and have very good fit and finish.

                  That said, there are quite a few different series of miyabi knives. I haven't tried or handled the 3000sp. And part of the description jumps out at me. A knife hardened only to 57 hrc but sharpened at 9.5-12 degrees per side will need to be sharpened an awful lot. Or else it will need its edge modified. Course, it's entirely possible that the seller's description is wrong. And frequent sharpening isn't necessarily a deal breaker (many people love old sabatiers, which were far softer and needed very frequent sharpening or steeling).

                  1. re: cowboyardee

                    I don't mind frequent steeling, in fact I use my ceramic stick on every knife every time. Still, I'm only shopping for a new knife because my 20 year old Henckels 4-Star 8" chef's knife no longer holds an edge worth a damn. I used to sharpen it maybe 2 times a year and now it seems to be good for a month at most. Trying to cut a tomato and only denting it kind of sucks all the joy out of using a knife.

                    Frequent sharpening is not something I'm looking for in my new knife. :-(

                    1. re: DuffyH

                      Many other miyabis do not share the same (likely) problem. The 3000 series appears to be marketed towards people who are actually looking for a high-performance gyuto made of steel more typical of German knives... for whatever reason.

                      Unfortunately, it looks like the 5000s series also being sold in this clearance also uses a relatively soft German style steel combined with very acute edge angles.

                      1. re: cowboyardee

                        Hi cowboyardee and tim,

                        I have been considering Victorinox Fibrox, Dexter Russel and Mercer. When I saw the price on the Miyabis, it seemed worthwhile to find out more.

                        Seems to me I'm better off avoiding these particular Miyabi, you think?

                        1. re: DuffyH

                          The steel on the Miyabi isn't likely to be any softer than a victorinox or dexter... and the miyabi will be the more refined knife. The only big issue is that the miyabi comes with a very acute edge angle.

                          So if you're a good sharpener or even if you have a pro sharpener whose skills you trust, I'd say go for the Miyabi at those prices. If the edge doesn't hold long enough for you (and it likely won't), then just change the edge angle or have your pro do it. Maybe even try a microbevel first to see if that does the trick.

                          If that doesn't sound very feasible to you for the time being, then you should probably avoid those two particular miyabi series.

                          If you want A LOT of edge retention, you should probably avoid not only those Miyabis but also the victorinox and dexter.

                          1. re: DuffyH

                            Yeah, like cowboyardee, I don't like the 3000 series

                            I would recommend you get this one instead. $65 for a Tojiro DP chef's knife. Made with VG-10 core steel, andhHardened to ~61 HRC. Free shipping too.

                            1. re: DuffyH

                              Oooh...pretty diverse choices. The Miyabis I tried were the Artisan series. I am a bad person to offer suggestions as I will just point you to Nogent knives and other old forging Thiers Issard knives at The Best Things. What say the truly knowledgeable types like Cowboyardee, Chem, Kaleo, etc.? Of the ones you listed, I have to say I love my Dexter bread knife. I love the handle. It cuts like a dream. It is not what you call good looking.

                          2. re: DuffyH


                            Your "Henckels 4-Star 8" chef'"s knife needs more frequent sharpening because the edge has moved towards the spine over the 20 years worth of sharpening. This has made the edge THICK which why it "smashes" tomatoes instead of slicing/cleaving them.

                            What you need to restore your knife is a knife maker who can reprofile the blade, someone who can do "stock removal". If it were my knife, I would have it flat ground to thin the spine and edge and then I would put an average thickness 20/20 degree beveled edge on it. You could also do a mild hollow grind which would work GREAT on vegetables but, not as well on thick blocks of cheese for example as the radius thickness becomes greater.

                            Also, how does the heel of your knife match the edge? Does it extend down enough to affect "flat" cuts on the cutting board?

                            1. re: Sid Post

                              Hi Sid,

                              About why my knife needs more frequent sharpening, I knew that part thanks to prior posts like yours above, but it's always good to have things explained.

                              My difficulty is in finding someone to do the work. We've got 3 knife makers who are local. One of them offers one "kitchen knife" and the other two make only hunting knives and pocket knives. I contacted two of them, but they showed little interest in my job. So I figure it's just time to either move on or give my electric sharpener a spot on my counter for monthly sharpening.

                              The heel of my knife extends the full width of the blade. It's this one: http://www.amazon.com/Zwillilng-J-A-H...

                              1. re: DuffyH

                                …my 20 year old Henckels 4-Star 8" chef's knife no longer holds an edge worth a damn. I used to sharpen it maybe 2 times a year and now it seems to be good for a month at most.

                                Your edge angle may be fatigued (didn’t form a sufficient enough burr or de-burr properly). In either case, you should be able to restore the original edge retention length by sharpening / grinding away the existing edge & rebuilding a new edge.

                                Does anyone have experience with the Miyabi knives?

                                As mentioned, Miyabi has many different models that sort of look the same, have similar names, model numbers, but use different blade steels. The models that have an “S” suffix and/or use German steel, appear to be a German knife with Japanese aesthetics; aren’t my cup of tea. Many German made knives use the same (or very similar) blade steel and blade shape w/ a different handle; so I always suggest getting whatever is cheaper – if you want German steel.

                                My wife and two friends have a Fusion / Kaizen (VG-10) and I’ve played with Birchwood (SG-2) a few times at the SLT. I believe they’re as good or better than anything else available in the retail stores, and were a steal at the sale/introduction price, but at the current price, I’d look for something else.

                                For < $50, Forchner/Victorinox or Tojiro DP w/ the slab handle (seen them on ebay).

                                1. re: DuffyH

                                  The heel of my knife extends the full width of the blade...you're at the point where the bolster needs to lessened and the blade needs to be thinned/ re-profiled. I believe Jim aka knifesaver does this kind of work.

                                  1. re: JavaBean


                                    Thanks for the rec. Perhaps he'll post so I can contact him.

                          3. re: DuffyH

                            Hi Duffy,

                            There are some really great Miyabe knives, but the ones listed are at the low end of the range, and don't sound even close to what you are looking for. You could do worse than the Deal of the Week from cutleryandmore:


                            This Tojiro series is very high end, but very cost effective and practical at the same time. It would do way better than dent a tomato.


                            1. re: drrayeye

                              Hi Ray,

                              Thanks for the rec. but $99 is more than my budget allows. I'm looking at something south of $50.

                              Denting tomatoes bites! I keep struggling along with my aging Henckels (most are 20 yrs old). It's not that I can't get them nice and sharp. I just have to do it way too often now.

                              But hey, I found out tonight that swiping the big chef's knife across my ceramic rod 20x or so will bring the edge back.... Yay. I REALLY want to do that every day. :-(

                              1. re: DuffyH

                                Hi Duffy,

                                I was originally going to do some serious shopping for high end knives until I found out how much new ones cost: so, I bought a simple Wusthof two stage sharpener instead, and went on a very superficial restoration process to my hodge podge misfits. It was almost like a miracle how much they improved.

                                I still bought a true 8" Classic Ikon Wusthof and a left handed Shun Classic 7" Serrated Utility knife to go with my existing Japanese Nikiri, an 8" "St. Lawrence" blunderbuss, a 3 1/2" Chicago Cutlery paring knife, two nameless (and somewhat bizarre) 7" carving knives, one with a burnt plastic handle, and three cheapie stamped serrated steak knives.

                                Considering how neglectful I had been, my $20 sharpener, that many consider totally useless, was able to solve much of my problem. The biggest problem I have with my two new high end knives is that I've already cut myself three times.


                                1. re: DuffyH


                                  The Tojiro DP line is slightly out of your budget range but, they are a lot better than the other choices you are considering. The handle scales and tang aren't always super-flush but, the knife edge geometry is very good. The blade is thin and sharp so it slices with very little effort. Edge retention is pretty good too with the VG-10 but, it will be a little tougher to sharpen. A few swipes on your ceramic rod will keep it sharp for a very long time if you make that part of your daily routine.

                                  If you can find one of the slab handled Zhen 440C santoku's for ~$20, jump on it. They are very good knives for the price.

                                2. re: drrayeye

                                  They have a couple of the 7000 series on sale which use harder steel, but only a ko-deba and a utility knife. I bought myself the ko-deba out of curiosity.

                              2. Ok...I'm bad, and a sucker for great prices.
                                Forget the quality of the knives...this is a GREAT sale on some Staub pieces. I ordered one of the large (12.75 qt) oval Staub Cocotte, and the 6.25 qt baking dishes. Not frequently used...you're right, but when you need a pan like this..you need it! I have my every day cookware, but there are times when you need LARGE pots, and nothing else will do.

                                Thank you blondelle for sharing this with us.

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                                1. re: wabi

                                  You're very welcome. I was wondering when the conversation would get back to enameled cast iron. Men and their knives - sheesh! Love all cookware items but for some reason knives just don't do it for me. Not into sharp pointy things!

                                  You are going to need a hydraulic lift for that 12.75 qt. :-). I couldn't even lift the cover off of a similar sized round one in WS. I can't even imagine lifting it with food in it. Hope someone is VERY strong in your household and has a weight lifting belt :-).

                                  1. re: blondelle

                                    Blame the knife talk on me, blondelle, not the guys. I had to ask because as you see, my favorite knife has become a PITA.

                                    1. re: DuffyH

                                      Oh...I don't mind the knife talk at all. I'm a moderator on a knife forum and a good segment of my friends are knife makers. I can go on and on about knives...

                                      That said, I just love well made gear, and the Staub stuff is awesome. At those prices I couldn't say no, even to the 12.75 cast iron bathtub!

                                      I will be the one who uses it, my wife has arthritis in her wrists won't even go near a cast iron skillet.

                                      1. re: wabi

                                        Hi wabi,

                                        I would love some Staub stuff, maybe a Perfect Pan or skillet, but it's sadly beyond my budget and somewhat redundant, too. Still, I do feel as though I'm missing something special. Ah, well, it's not as though I don't really like the cookware I've got, it's all excellent. But still...

                                        wabi, do you think you could put me in touch with one of your knife maker buds to enquire about regrinding/reprofiling my chef's knife? If it's not too expensive, I'd like to try it, as opposed to replacing a tool that's served me so well. I'll be your best friend and take you to the circus! duffy.hawes@me.com

                                        1. re: DuffyH

                                          I know a few guys that have reprofiled knives for others. Let me ask some questions. BTW the forum I was speaking about is called the Usual Suspect Network. (www.usualsuspect.net)

                                          1. re: wabi

                                            A few people here also do that too.


                                            I would say most professional knife sharpeners can do it. We are not talking about unusual reprofiling here. We are just talking about thinning behind the edge, right?

                                            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                              One guy I talked to here won't do it, said I should buy a new knife. :-(

                                              I'd rather save it.

                                              1. re: DuffyH

                                                I think I can guess. There are two main reasons. First, he has done this before, but does not want to do it again because customers tend to complain these kind of results, so he rather not dealing with it.

                                                Second, he charges too much to make it worth the cost. There are different level of knife reprofiling. Thinning the blade behind the edge should not be too bad. However, some works can cost more than the knife itself, like your Victorinox may cost $20, and some works can cost more than $30.

                                                Look at these beautiful works that our friend Eiron has done to his knives (reducing the bolster). They are really professional jobs -- better than many professional to be honest. He was testing on the Mercer and Henckels knives. Now, the kind of works he put in these level profiling is more than worth the cost of these Mercer knives though. Still, I love the work. The reduced bolster is such an big improvement in my opinion.


                                                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                                    Hi CK,

                                                    Elron's work is very fine, indeed.

                                                    I see what you mean about the cost of reworking my knife. I think it might be best to limp along with it awhile longer, and see how it goes. I've got a 6" knife that was given to me about the same time, but it's used much less often. I can press it into service for the jobs that don't need the bigger blade.

                                                    1. re: DuffyH

                                                      I don't know. Ask for the price, it may not be that much to fix your edge. Don't let my guess discourage you. Good luck.

                                                      1. re: DuffyH

                                                        Start another thread with a picture of the knife.
                                                        Very seldom is stuff beyond actual repair but can get beyond economical repair.

                                                        I have a Deba disaster that is BER.


                                              2. re: DuffyH


                                                I have a reputable knifemaker in the SouthEast that is interested in your possible project. He referred to it as "CAKE" :-)

                                                He did want to see a picture of your knife to make sure it was what he thought it was. Check your email ;-)

                                                Best Regards,

                                                1. re: Sid Post

                                                  ...... does he codename all his customer's projects? :)

                                                  Operation Cake?
                                                  Operation Apple Juice?
                                                  Operation Desert Shield?

                                                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                                    Hey CK,

                                                    You know, almost every week I read a remark here that makes me spit some cold beverage, often out my nose. Well, yours is it this week. And it's only Monday!

                                                2. re: wabi

                                                  Hi Wabi,

                                                  What other cast iron pots do you have? What type of cooking will you do with the 12.75 qt. Staub pot?

                                                  I know less than nothing about knives, but I've been trying to update myself, upgrade my tools, and resuscitate the knives that I have at the same time. I think that I'm about 30 years out of date.

                                                  In the process of reinventing myself as an aspiring cook, I am suddenly doing a great deal of chopping, slicing, and dicing. My best existing tools are a 7+inch heavy dull "blunderbuss" knife (made in Taiwan), and a surprisingly sharp Nikiri style 6 inch Japanese chopper--works great on vegetables. Partly to upgrade myself, I got one Western chef's knife, an 8 inch Wusthof Classic Ikon, and a Japanese Shun Classic 6 inch serrated left handed utility knife.

                                                  I've been pleased by the improvement in sharpness to all of my knives put through the simple Wusthof two stage sharpeners, but amazed and thrilled by both the Wusthof and the Shun for very different reasons.

                                                  I'm a big Scandinavian guy, and the Wusthof has a very natural ergonomic feel in my hand. The Shun is a new world with it's damascus blade, D handle, and a correspondingly required understanding of how a lefty like me should be using a knife. It's a work in progress.

                                                  If I upgrade, where do I go next? I'm considering both a paring knife and an ultimate utility knife.

                                          2. Out of curiosity, has anyone who ordered an item last Friday received it or any type of status update?

                                            My card was charged 6/20 but the UPS tracking status has been "billing information received" for the last seven days.

                                            I've sent an email to their customer service which as not been responded too, a little concerned at this point.

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                                            1. re: jjubinvi

                                              When I click on the status link I received in e-mail from Zwilling, I get an order status page from a store.yahoo.net server that has a "Track" button.

                                              The "track" button sends me to another store.yahoo.net page with a UPS tracking number. Clicking on the tracking number sends me to another store.yahoo.net owned page that says my status is "Manifest Pickup".

                                              What does that mean? Well, I took my UPS tracking number and went to the UPS web page to track the package from their end. UPS says:

                                              "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated."

                                              That suggests to me that Zwilling auto generated UPS labels for the boxes, but have not gotten the actual packages to UPS yet.

                                              Having gotten real used to amazon prime and 2 day shipping, I've forgotten that online orders used to take a long time. :-)

                                              1. re: blackwing94

                                                Good to know I'm not alone, I will give it another week.

                                                Have definitely been spoiled by Amazon Prime!

                                              2. re: jjubinvi

                                                I received my package which consisted of 2 knives only, on the 26th. I ordered on the 20th.

                                                1. re: Sirrith

                                                  My Staub roasting pan has not shipped yet according to the tracking information. I wonder if this is just an issue with the Staub orders? Amazon prime or not, it should leave their facility in over a week.

                                                  1. re: Jason1

                                                    Agreed. I'm a little concerned that I've not received a response from their customer service either(emailed and called back on Wednesday).

                                                    It's more the lack of communication than the shipping time that is bothering me at this point.

                                                    1. re: jjubinvi

                                                      Those still waiting for shipment may want to take a look at the order status this morning, looks like mine shipped out yesterday.

                                                      Have a great 4th!

                                                      1. re: jjubinvi

                                                        My order also appears to have shipped last night, so it looks like they're finally catching up.

                                              3. If I remember right, the on sale items were "While supply lasts". Maybe supply ran out but so many people ordered that they don't want to alienate customer and they're having to get more of the items to fill the orders. Pure speculation on my part.

                                                I'm ok with the delay. We just started week 2 of our kitchen remodel. The total destruction phase is almost complete. Electricians crawling around everywhere now. I have no place to put a 9qt cast iron pot right now anyway. :-)

                                                1. My Cocotte arrived today, thrilled to see it was in pretty good condition with only a small chip on the exterior lid surface. I did notice a small chip in the interior enamel while washing, is this something to be concerned with?
                                                  I expected cosmetic blemishes but wouldn't an interior chip affect the performance?

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                                                  1. re: jjubinvi

                                                    Well, chips are not good for sure. I would be concern.