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Jun 19, 2014 09:21 PM

Day trip from Rome : Sabina or Castelli Romani?

Spending about a week in Rome late September, but looking for at least 2 day trips out to the country: the Sabine hills and/or Frascati/Marino/Rocca di Papa. We'll not have a car, and seek an itinerary based on Trenitalia and/or autobus (and we're open to combining the 2). Sabina in general appeals more (Fara in Sabina, for one) and many of its towns are served on the Firenze-Roma regionale line. Frascati and its neighbors seem to be more accessible. For country air, small, quiet walkable towns, good non-fancy eating--suggestions/recommendations on directions, towns, and specific destinations welcome. Have searched CH boards and not found much on Sabina, but will keep looking. Not much interested in the coast, though. Might also consider Viterbo or Orvieto.Thanks in advance.

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  1. Frascati, Marino, Grottaferrata (though I've only gone there by car), all are well supplied with good trattorias and are only a short distance from Rome. NB allow extra time at Termini because the train is usually (always?) on a track that requires walking an extra 400m. Orvieto is the easiest from the transport point of view, frequent good trains and funicular+minibuses once you get there, and very good food. Viterbo is OK by train and worth a visit, but it takes longer (regional train). I love Sabina but it's a pain without a car. We do public transport day trips quite a bit but have never tackled Sabina, though, yes, the FCO train ends in Fara Sabina, so something must be possible. One of our favorite toots is to Anzio to eat fish at Pierino and walk on the beach (or swim).

    1. Johnny Madge does great olive oil tours in the Sabina. Everyone has great feed back about him , his tours and the area.
      Here is his web site:

      I think it's very easy to take a bus or train to meet up with him, and makes a lovely day trip from Rome.

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        Thanks for the lead--Madge's home base is in Casperia, a medieval town that looks fascinating. It's also a shortish train and bus ride from Rome Tiburtina.