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Jun 19, 2014 04:36 PM

Tampa. where would you go

How bout it Tampa Hounds

Need a nice restaurant experience for tomorrow night

Edison's, Eddie Vs, Ocean Prime, Capital Grill, Sideburns, Mise on Place??? No such much in to big steaks. Seafood and other proteins and "stuff" cooked with some creativity. Other suggestions welcome but these were our initial line up to pick from

Thanks for your reply

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  1. Of your list, I'd choose Sideberns first, then Mise en Place. Sideberns has never disappointed. Edison's was just okay, Capital Grill and Ocean Prime are great corporate places, but let's try local!

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      Thanks. Sideburns? Darn autocorrect

    2. My primary choice would be Sideberns, then Mise en Place. My wife had nothing negative to say about either location, and I thought the food and service at both locations were great.

      IMO Eddie V's has solid service, but I expected better food. Don't get me wrong the food was good; but for the price, I'd better get excellent food.

      As for Ocean Prime, see above.

      Capital Grille: For the same amount you'll get a better steak and service at Iavarone's Steakhouse, which has always been rather hit and miss for us.

      1. I would go to Rooster and the Till. The food is excellent and the place has a great vibe.

        1. Truly enjoyed our meal last night at Ocean Primeā€¦
          It was heaven.

          1. Sidebern's would be my normal suggestion, but they are closed for renovations I believe. I'd check into Rooster & the Till instead.