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HELP! Lunch tomorrow!

Looking for a place to officially celebrate summer for tomorrow lunch. Near the water would be nice, a place where we can relax for a leisurely lunch. No specific cuisine in mind, we like everything.

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  1. sullivan's castle island hot dog all around, fries, ginger ale.

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    1. re: Bellachefa

      Looking for something with a great wine and champagne list. I love a hot dog but tomorrow we wanted a more special lunch.

      1. re: pathfinder

        haven't been in a long time but maybe dante at the sonesta hotel in cambridge? overlooking the charles?

        Edit: oops they may not do lunch. Maybe scampo? they have an outdoor patio

        1. re: Bellachefa

          We thought of Dante too, but no lunches yet

          1. re: pathfinder

            crazy isn't it? what a waste of real estate not doing lunch

          1. re: johndory

            Great idea, looking at the menu now

            1. re: pathfinder

              I can't vouch for the wine list but assume that it's good. It can get busy at lunch so a reservation is advisable.

        2. petit robert central has a great wine list. and legal harborside 3rd floor will have the view. it looks like a nice lunch menu but can't locate a wine list.

          have a wonderful lunch!

              1. It ain't cheap but it's on the water and def has wine.


                1. Away from water, Shays in Harvard square, great wine, beer and sparkly beverages, sweet patio

                  1. For future seekers...

                    Miel at the Intercontinental and the restaurant at the Boston Harbor Hotel both have a nicer restaurant and wine and all that by the water. I think Sam's was probably the best suggestion though!