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Jun 19, 2014 01:42 PM

Stouffer's Restaurant's White French Dressing

Last night, while browsing the web for some history about Stouffer's restaurants, I ran across a recipe for Tack Room Salad with White French Dressing. The recipe is near the very top of the replies:

Having never have dined in a Stouffer's restaurant, or knowingly having a salad dressing which starts out with a cooked cornstarch base, I was just curious if anyone has ever made this or something similar (or ate it in one of the restaurants)?

If you have, do you recommend it? It sounds interesting.

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  1. My grandmother made something like this. Cooked dressings with cornstarch were cheap substitutes for oil when oil was expensive or rationed. A lot of times they were to mimic a bacon dressing.

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      Oh! Interesting bit of history there. Thank you.