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Jun 19, 2014 11:33 AM

Current Recs in Guadalajara?

Visiting in the fall, looking for great, cheap, authentic Mexican recs, the more casual the better. Thanks!

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  1. Bigtime not-to-be-missed: Karne Garibaldi, for carne en su jugo. My favorite of the several branches is the original, at the corner of Calle José Clemente Orozco and Calle Garibaldi, in Col. Sta. Teresita not far from the Centro Histórico. It meets each of your requirements and then some.


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      Thanks Cristina, that one's definitely on my list! What else can people recommend?

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        If you are in Guadalajara on a Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday, another must-see is the Tianguis del Sol, at the corner of Av. Tepeyac and Calle Copérnico. Go at about 10AM and stop in any of the food stands for late breakfast, then shop the tianguis for--well, for almost everything you can think of! It's my favorite market in all of Mexico. Plan to spend several hours there.

        If you go on a Friday or Sunday, ask vendors to point you to the seafood stand El Ostión Feliz. Sit on one of Doña Rosario's stools and order a shrimp cocktail with everything (even for breakfast!) Add a squeeze of limón, a spoonful of salsa to your taste, and a sprinkle of salt. They are the best shrimp cocktails I have ever eaten, anywhere in Mexico, and I've been here for 33 years. Wish I could go with you!


    2. Definitely I second Karne Garibaldi. Another carne en su jugo restaurant which I adore is Kamilos 333. If you want good authentic street food, just look for any stand in the street that is busy. There are literally thousands of them. The best ones are always busy with a line-up of people. Most of the best places don't really have names or addresses. And you have to eat at least one Torta Ahogada when you're in Guadalajara.

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        Guerito, your post jogged my memory for two more not-to-miss spots in Guadalajara.

        The first is Taco Fish La Paz, a street stand serving out-of-this-world fish tacos and shrimp tacos. It's at Av. La Paz 494, at the corner of Donato Guerra. Open from 9AM to 4.30PM daily except Sunday.

        The second is Tacos Los Alteños, at the corner of Av. Tepeyac and Calle Cubilete. They serve the best tacos al pastor I've ever eaten. Open seven days a week, 10AM till 1AM---anywhere in Mexico.

        Ahhh, and if you're looking for a great place to have a beer or another drink, go to Cantina La Fuente, Calle Pino Suárez 78, Centro Histórico. If you're standing on the Plaza de la Liberación (behind the Cathedral, Pino Suárez dead ends at the back of the statue of Padre Hidalgo (the one with the chains in his hands). Arguably the oldest cantina in the city, it's still one of the main gathering spots for intellectuals and artists to talk about it all over a beer.


        1. Thanks so much, I'm getting hungry!!