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Jun 19, 2014 10:40 AM


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  1. A new name won't help the horrible, inexcusable service and lack of management.

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    1. re: GRobin

      The service was fine when I dined at Trinity Taverna.

      1. re: prima

        Three different times...all horrible. 3 strikes..they're out. And have heard the same from several others, most recently two Saturdays ago.

        1. re: GRobin

          I heard good things from a friend who visited recently. Obviously, your mileage and your friends' mileage may vary. Different strokes for different folks.

          I'll be sure to report back after my next visit.

          1. re: prima

            Please do as the food was good and the place is gorgeous. I'd like nothing more than for this to turn out to be a great place with great service.

      2. re: GRobin

        You forgot mediocre food and ridiculous prices. Also, unless you are a minimum of 4, they give you the worst seats in the place.

      3. Nouns that should never be in the same sentence: 'salmon' and 'baklava'.

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