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Jun 19, 2014 07:14 AM

Great Maine cooking class / food "experience"?

I will be traveling to Maine in September and was hoping to gather some recommendations on any great food experiences (for example, going out on a lobster boat) or cooking classes in Maine. We will be there for about 10 days so either a weekend or weekday class or activity could work. I'm most interested in something that would be a few hours long rather than something that would be a few days or week long. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure what part of Maine you're visiting, but the Common Ground Fair in Unity is September 19-21 and offers shortform cooking classes/demos, along with all the other Maine-y stuff you'd expect to see at a county fair. I'd definitely recommend it.

    Some Portland area recs:
    I've heard good things about Lucky Catch Cruises in Portland, for lobster boat tours.

    People on Maine Foodie Tours are a familiar site around Portland--people seem to be enjoying themselves!

    As is the Maine Brew Bus--

    One of my favorite things to take out of town guests on is a Mail Boat tour on Casco Bay Ferry Lines--we'll usually stop for lunch/provisons at Rosemont Market or get sandwiches at the Blue Rooster first.

    Or a trip on the ferry to Peaks Island for a wander around/picnic on the rocks or at one of the on-island places.

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      We went to the Common Ground Fair last year. Plan on at least a day and get motel/hotel reservations early. We stayed in Lincolnville. Unity is pretty rural. There are hourly choices of demonstrations/lectures. I thought the one on local food was fascinating. The keynote speaker was the author of the book on Fermenting. We also went to a class on wild mushrooms. Wonderful farmers market and different vendors. Great prepared food choices.

      I thought the foodie tour of the Old Port area of Portland was pretty good although not as good as the two I have taken in Boston.

      Suggest you get a list of farmers markets, wineries, etc from the Maine Department of Agriculture. One day we visited the wineries in Rockland (Breakwater?) and two inland for tastings. (We have visited Cellar Door Winery in Lincolnville several times.) There are several in the Camden area. We accidentally found Morse's Deli so stopped there, too.

      The farmers markets can be an experience. We like the one in Brunswick on Friday and Saturdays in Bath. Get some local yogurt and fresh berries, etc for a picnic on top of Mt Battie or a shady spot on Pemaquid Point.

      There are classes at Stonewall Kitchens but I have not attended any.