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Jun 19, 2014 12:45 AM

Valrhona Caraibe. Where can I get it?

Its too warm to have it shipped and im sure we have it somewhere in the city anyways. Any place where I can get it? Pretty sure NY Cake doesn't have it. Never saw it the many times i've been there. The chocolate shop at the Food Emporium by Hunter College seems to have been decreasing all stock of Valrhona last time I was there which was ages ago so I dont think they have it. Wouldn't be surprised if they no longer stocked Valrhona.

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  1. Their corporate offices are in brooklyn near DUMBO. They take orders from the website there, so you can likely call, place and order and just pick up there.... Or ask about retail locations

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      Their warehouse is in NJ unfortunately. Anyways...worldwidechocolate had a 20% off coupon so I just ordered 10 lbs of chocolate and just paid the $6 for warm weather packaging.

    2. Try

      I believe they deliver within the city.

      1. Whole Foods usually carries Caraibe and Manjari.

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          Never thought about that. Had no reason to step into Whole Foods in Union Square with the Greenmarket being right in front of it. I'll check there next time I need chocolate.

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            Went to Whole Foods today and did not see Caraibe. All they had were the white chocolate feves, tons of Caramelia and Jivara and a few Guanaja.

            Also went to the chocolate shop at the Food Emporium. That shop is so badly neglected. Their baking chocolates are mainly Scharffen Berger. The room was made smaller and no one is ever in the shop. Valrhona is no longer sold there either. Would not recommend their chocolate shop at all. A few years ago it was decent with a salesperson sometimes seen cutting up chocolate. They had Valrhona feves in a large jar to scoop out and even had Amedei. Its now just an afterthought.