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capri -help! i can't remember the name of the best pizza i ever ate.

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I found a restaurant in Capri a few years ago which was unbelievable. It had the best pizza and pasta I ever had throughout Italy. It was near (5 minutes walking) to the entry way to the gondola and had a small wood sign "pizza". Then, you have to walk through a long winding garden passageway. The restaurant was nothing special and empty, but when you walk to the back it opens up to a beautiful indoor/ outdoor area which was crowded, under beautiful cherry tree vines. The cherry trees were actually part of the place next door, i believe. Does anyone know this place?? My friends are going to Capri and I'd love to give them this recommendation. Thank you!

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  1. No ideas on the actual name, but could you use google maps of the area and try to recreate your walking route, then google search for a restaurant on that street.

    It helped me track down later places I would revisit if I"m too forgetful to write down a name.

    1. Is it this? Trip Advisor link: