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Jun 18, 2014 06:23 PM

Taylor Ham / Taylor’s Pork Roll

A friend of mine lives in a remote location.

He has asked if I could bring him some "Taylor Ham/Taylor’s Pork Roll" when I visit soon. I know I can get it online. (And so could he, for that matter).

But for "sentimental reasons", he wants to see if I can find in Florida and bring to him myself.

I know, it sounds nutty... but... whatever. Any retail source down here?

This is the specific format he wants, 1.5 lb in a linen bag.


Thanks in advance.

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  1. I know that Petty's Market in Melbourne carries it.

    1. I googled Taylor Ham...and CF's poster (here) came up....and that's about it! Now the quest begins!

      Ft. Pierce, FL

      1. I see small portions in Publix where the bacon is but definitely not that format.

        1. Mario's Italian Market carries it and I think Torchio's I'd Boynton Beach also carries it.

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            Torchio's indeed had it - but only a big loaf...

            Maybe I'll check Publix next time I'm down in Pompano, there's one across from Blue Willy's, I can kill two hogs with one stone.

          2. I've bought it at Publix many times around Broward. Not all locations have it and when I did see it I stocked up and had 4 packages at one point. The stuff lasts for months. It's usually by the bacon and ham and in a bright orange box but you can't get it in the same big quantities as up in NJ.

            We've actually found a few restaurants that serve it and they are among our favorites - Denise's Kitchen in Pompano.