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Jun 18, 2014 06:07 PM

Where can I find sazon Goya

Hello all I'm a recent transplant from Miami and I'm craving Cuban food! I make a mad arroz con pollo but I can't seam to find to main ingredients first and most important is Sazon Goya with azafran and the other is Spanish dry white wine for cooking. Any one know where I can find these?!

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  1. Try Los Guerreros Mexican Foods, 3317 Kingsway (near Joyce). They list it on their website:

    I think you can also find it at at El Pulgarcito, 2522 E Hastings (A block east of Nanaimo) It's a Salvadorean restaurant that also stocks some Latin spices and deli items.

    1. Saw it today at Persia Foods, 1730 Commercial Dr. In addition to the con azafran, they also carry the con culantro y achiote, and con cilantro tomate versions as well as a vegetable seasoning. This store carries a lot of other Goya products as well.