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Carvery Kitchen -- Good Sandwiches, Ocean Park

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Read about this place on EaterLA.com and tried it out today. Free parking available in the building. I'd been in the same location a year or two ago when it was another sandwich place -- nothing special, didn't come back. This place has a much more expansive menu. My bud die ordered the chicken caprese sandwich on ciabatta; it was pretty big and he said he really liked it. I got the brisket dip (also $9.50+). It was served with each half well-wrapped and stuffed with meat, along with a container of au jus. Brisket was meaty, tender, and in thick chunks rather than sliced. If anything, I would have liked a bit more fat [discussed with the owner, who agreed but we both know the neighborhood...]. Au jus was flavorful and not too salty. Crusty roll held up well to the dipping. I don't like horseradish, which was available, and it didn't need hot sauce. A very good sandwich. Order at register and pick up from counter. They have one of those new Coke machines with multiple mixes -- I just had ice water.

I'll be back. We got there a bit after noon and most tables were occupied with one person ordering in front of us. When we left around one there was a line to order and the parking was full.


Note -- not at all related to The Carvery chain associated with Lawry's.

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